AYURVEDA FOR Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS)

Reversed PCOS & Got Pregnant Naturally

I had tried many ways and even took hormonal therapy for Irregular and Painful periods as a result of my PCOS. However, I didn't want to take pills anymore as we wanted to start our family. But my periods didn't come and my acne and weight problems started getting worse when I stopped the pills. That's when I approached Dr. Bansal at Medhya Herbals. It was not easy but for the sweet rewards and to get rid of the painful PCOS Symptoms, I carried on! After over 9 months of Ayurvedic treatment, I was able to solve almost all of my health issues and conceive naturally. Ayurvedic treatment has improved my health even beyond where I started from. The diet & lifestyle changes I made have helped to be make better choices for my baby too.

Shiwani Shastri

PCOS Weight Loss & Hormone Balance

Practical: Best part of the regime is it’s practicality. Diet plan is based on commonly available Ingredients [ I nick named it “no Instagram diet”],changes in life style is practical and use of any supplements or medicine is next to nil.

Coach not consultant: When I took upon this plan, like any other plan, I assumed there would be a consultant to guide me for weight loss. However, Nidhi is not consultant but a health coach who has genuine interest in betterment of my longtime health and weight loss is just one part of it. With periodic calls, frequent tuning of regime based of progress and common sensical approach really helped me to make permanent changes in my lifestyle to attain lifetime benefits.

Effective: Regime simply works and achieves results. My overall health has improved, hormones are more balanced, sleep quality is much better and definitely has seen sustained natural weight loss without extreme dieting or very heavy exercise.

Pooja Barochiya

Conceived Naturally despite PCOS

I approached Dr. Bansal at Medhya Herbals for heavy periods and excess weight due to PCOS. He created my Ayurvedic treatment plan based on my health issues. After starting the PCOS treatment, my bleeding issue was resolved within 1 week. Slowly my periods became regular and also my weight started to come down. After about 7 months I was also able to conceive and gave birth to a healthy baby, a very pleasant surprise which I didn't even know I could have. Thank you Dr. Bansal and Medhya Herbals!


Periods become regular and cysts on the ovaries reduced

I had poly cystic ovarian syndrome for almost five years. I tried everything I could find on internet, visited many gynecologists and endocrinologists only to hear that "reduce weight, your PCOS will resolve and your periods will come on time". But losing weight was the biggest challenge. However much I tried, I could never keep up with any diet. All the tough exercises were making me tired and depressed. I had lost all hope, when I found about Ayurvedic treatment at Medhya Herbals. The Ayurvedic Doctors here were very helpful to explain me why my body was not responding despite all the efforts and they made a detailed health plan for me to follow consistently. While my periods become regular within a month, I also started to see my weight going down slowly but steadily. Now my skin is clear of all the monthly flareups and my hair is also starting to become longer :)

Thanks a lot Dr. Bansal. I am really grateful to God that by chance or any way, I came to you. I am still continuing to lose weight with the diet and exercise plan that you have prepared for me.

pcos ayurveda

PCOS occurs when the normal function of ovaries gets affected by hormonal imbalances in a woman. This can cause the ovaries to become enlarged and can lead to the development of small cysts on the outer edges of the ovaries. PCOS can also cause irregular menstrual cycles, making it difficult to predict when ovulation will occur.

PCOS treatment in Ayurveda is highly effective to completely reverse Polycystic ovarian syndrome, balance hormones and restore fertility in women.

The symptoms of PCOS can vary ranging from severe discomfort to no symptoms in others. Common PCOS symptoms include: irregular periods, weight gain or weight loss, hair loss, hormonal acne, unwanted body hair, mood swings and difficulty in getting pregnant.

At Medhya Herbals, we have observed 90-95% reduction in PCOS symptoms within 2-3 months of starting PCOS Ayurvedic treatment. Additionally, our patients could naturally conceive within 4-5 months and enjoy a healthy pregnancy to full term.


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