An All Natural Holistic Solution to Hormone Balance and Nutrition


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Prevent Diseases of Tomorrow

Restore your Hormone Balance with Ayurveda

Women go through multiple levels of transitions in their body that are induced by hormonal changes. Our health and hormone balance becomes fragile during these shifts. We are prone to Hormonal Imbalances, which often manifest in the form of Health Issues such as PMS, Irregular and painful Periods, Skin Breakouts, Weight Gain, Joint Pain, Fatigue, Insomnia, Mood Swings, and Digestive Issues.

If left unchecked, these seemingly benign imbalances can develop into chronic health conditions such as Infertility, Fibroids, Weight Gain, PCOS, Hypothyroidism, Diabetes, Hypertension, Poor Bone Density, and Mental Health Issues.

More than 80% of the women struggle with Hormonal Imbalances that get triggered or become aggravated during hormonal shifts during puberty, menstruation, pregnancy, and menopause. Are you one of them? If yes, then do not delay taking charge of your health! Start taking care of your body now to prevent serious health disorders of tomorrow.

A Personalised Health Plan to Hormone Balance, Health, and Nutritional Sufficiency


Ayurvedic Health Plan is an all natural Holistic Health Plan for you to attain Health and Vitality during the transition phase of Hormonal Imbalance. It is a guided Health Plan, where we offer step-by-step instructions to attain a balanced diet that suits your specific nutritional needs, a physical fitness regime adapted to your body and health condition, and a mental wellness plan that takes into account your emotional state and wellness.

While the extent of the results vary per an individual’s health condition and body constitution, here are some of the benefits that you can expect:

Hormone Balance and Improved Metabolism

Improved Sleep

Increased Energy level and relief from Fatigue

Enhanced Mental Clarity, Ability to Focus and Remember

Weight loss

Relief from Digestive Issues as Bloating, Constipation, Acid Reflux

Reduced Inflammation and Pain in the body

Improved Skin Tone, Remission of Rashes and Puffiness

Better Hair Health

Mood Stability and Anxiety Management

Regulation of Periods and Relief from PMS

How does My Ayurvedic Health Plan work?

A Systematic Solution for Nutritional Sufficiency, Physical, and Mental Balance

First and foremost step is to IDENTIFY the level and type of Imbalances. We evaluate Dosha Imbalances, Aging status, and the quality of your Body Tissues through Medhya’s online Ayurvedic Health Assessment. Your Health Assessment sets the course for an Ayurvedic protocol involving Diet, Lifestyle and Yoga routines to address your specific Health Symptoms and Imbalances.

This step involves REMOVAL of the toxins and wasteful substances from your body tissues. Based on your Health Assessment, we take you through a Cleanse that is specifically designed for your Health Imbalances and your Body Constitution.

REPLENISH – In this step, we take you through an Ayurvedic Diet plan that is customized for your nutritional needs to give Strength and Vitality. It also includes a Physical Fitness regimen to NURTURE your body and soul through strength building Exercises, Yoga routine, Meditation, and Pranayama practices.

Tune into your Natural Circadian Rhythm! RESET and synchronize your body’s clock with that of Nature. Regain robust Immunity, good Metabolism, radiant Skin, and a relaxed Mind. Get Relief from Health Symptoms.

REPEAT is the most beautiful part of an Ayurvedic treatment. The look and feel of your natural radiant self is addictive! Once you find your balanced state, your MIND and BODY start working together towards GOALS that are larger than life. You will observe calm, confidence, focus, absence of food cravings and digestive problems, and a great physical appearance!

What does My Ayurvedic Health Plan Include?

A Personalized Health Solution to Heal and Thrive

14 Days Free Trial

Health Symptoms Assessment to find your Imbalances, Aging Status, and Tissue Health Quality

Weekly Meal Plans customized to your nutritional needs

Delicious Recipes for Balanced Nutrition

Ayurvedic Diet guidebook for healthy Digestion and Metabolism

Cooking Tips and Food Guides to ensure Taste and Optimum Nutrition

Techniques to calm Food Cravings and Emotional Eating

Progressive Physical Fitness Program involving yoga, cardio, and strength building exercises

Stress Management and Emotional Wellness Techniques

Weekly Live Q&A Sessions

Monthly health check-in

Community Support – Join 

3 Months Health Plan to Balance Hormones, Health, and Nutrition

Ayurvedic Health Assessment for a complete analysis of your body tissues, your current health imbalances, and your Aging status.

Access Delicious Recipes, Meal and Lifestyle guidelines, Yoga, and Physical Fitness regime.

*Free 14 Days Trial Period.

Not a Quick Fix! A systematic Approach to Remove the Cause of Imbalances

An All Natural Holistic Health Solution

Who is it For?

Ayurvedic Health Plan is designed for women who want to adopt an all natural and holistic approach of Ayurveda to resolve their Health symptoms and Hormonal Imbalances. To get the most out of this new program, you should be ready to make your Health a priority and be determined to make simple yet essential changes to your Diet and Lifestyle that we will take you through. Some points to note:

  • Rebuilding health takes time.  Ayurvedic Health Plan addresses the underlying causes of imbalance in the body, whereas medications generally cover-up the symptoms.
  • You are committed to nourishing and healing not only your body, but also your mind and spirit. A holistic approach to wellness includes taking stock of your physical, mental and emotional health.

Who is it NOT for?

This Health Plan is not suited for women wanting a quick or easy fix. Ayurvedic Dietary and Lifestyle interventions help you to eliminate the underlying causes, and bring your body back to Balance. Ayurvedic Health Plan will be of limited value to women, who are not open to addressing their Diet and Lifestyle. Right Foods and an appropriate Routine are the most essential interventions for women with Hormonal Imbalances! And if you don’t get this right, then most of the other changes and medical treatments will be of limited value.

Also, we do not recommend you to join Ayurvedic Health Plan during pregnancy and while you are breastfeeding. These are crucial times when you should specifically focus all your energy on rebuilding quality body tissues for yourself and for the baby. You will not be able to go through some steps requiring a Cleanse, which detaches body toxins, hence temporarily load the circulatory system with foreign substances that maybe harmful to the baby.

3 Months Health Plan

Duration and Timeline

There is a minimum of 12 weeks cycle that our body tissues go through towards regeneration and change after we make specific changes to our Diet and Lifestyle. Hence, we have prepared the Ayurvedic Health Plan as a block of 3 months plan, over which we provide you with step by step guidelines towards Nutrition, Fitness, Healing, and Rejuvenation.

Essentially, we are trying to rebuild the body tissues and boost the functioning of the sluggish body systems. It is kind of undoing the damage of toxins, nutritional deficiencies, physical, and mental stressors that your body and mind has gone through.

3 months is the basic premise of Healing and to be able to start see the change in your body. However, some women may need more time based on their current level of Imbalances. Your recovery is also highly dependent on the level of discipline you maintain during the Health Plan. Through our framework, we will ensure you have all the required tools and information to overcome specific challenges one faces during their healing process, yet the ACTION has to be taken by you!

Your Health plan is progressive in nature in terms of physical fitness activities, hence you will be able to extend the plan and build upon your progress, should you be interested to do so.

After you join the Health Plan

What to Expect?

Here is a quick summary of the steps that follow after you Register for the Ayurvedic Health Plan:

  1. You will receive instant access to your account page on Medhya web portal after you register.
  2. Ayurvedic Health Plan consists of 13 weeks. First week is dedicated to Health Assessment and Introduction.
  3. Next 12 weeks will take you step-by-step through various Diet and Lifestyle regimens, dedicated to each phase involving Cleanse, Nourishment, and Healing.
  4. We have created health guides and specific modules to take you through different aspects of implementing an Ayurvedic Diet, Health Routine, and Exercise regimes. You will be receiving them through daily emails when you join the program.
  5. Your health plan for first week, recipes, and food lists are instantly available to you via the Account page.
  6. You will receive weekly diet plan with all required information around the shopping lists and alternatives according to the season. This will be set in weekly email.
  7. Regular emails with relevant Health Guides, Videos, and required information that you should prioritize for the specific day of the week.
gotu kola - ayurvedic health plan herb

Frequently Asked Questions FAQ

Ayurvedic Health Plan

I follow a specific Diet. Can I join the Ayurvedic Health Plan?

Due to our selection of only vegetarian and vegan recipes, Ayurvedic Health Plan will be ideal for people who follow mainly vegetarian diets. However, your health plan does include guidelines on meat selection according to your Dosha imbalance.

Additionally, Ayurvedic Health plan is much more than just a selection of recipes. With detailed guidelines on fitness regimen, therapeutic yoga routines, dietary habits (yes, it makes 50% of who you become from your food), stress busting and mental wellness routines, it is your companion for a healthy and disease free life.

Herbs, Supplements, and Ayurvedic Medication. Do I need them?

Your Ayurvedic Health Plan does not recommend medication or synthetic supplements at any point. However, we do provide guidelines towards consumption of the culinary herbs and some Ayurvedic herbs. This is because, most of the foods we consume these days are devoid of the basic micronutrients, hence culinary herbs can be a great support to add the missing micronutrients, flavour, taste profile, and aroma to your meals. Culinary herbs and spices such as Cumin, Fennel, Thyme, Turmeric, Ginger, Rosemary, Lemongrass are excellent choices for wellness and balanced diet.

Usually you will require Ayurvedic medicine (which is herb based) in case of Severe Imbalance, as Ayurvedic medicine and herbs act on specific tissues to remove the health issues from its root. Ayurvedic medicine often helps to speed up recovery and healing.

I have existing health conditions and I am on Medication, Can I join the Ayurvedic Health Plan?

You should! Please do mention your health condition and medication during assessment and as soon as you join the plan. Our team will take it into account and help you set a right course suitable for your needs. Ayurvedic Health Plan is your companion to maintain heath and prevent health disorders through diet and lifestyle. By adopting right foods, dietary habits, yoga and fitness regime that suit your needs, you will be able to better manage your existing health conditions.

Our first step to put your health back on track is by identifying and removing the underlying CAUSES to your specific health problems. Suitable changes in your diet and lifestyle assist with the recovery process. Your health plan is customized per your needs. In case of special medical condition, do mention it to us upfront and we will take care of your needs. You should feel better physically and mentally once you start with your Ayurvedic Health Plan.

PS: We do not recommend stopping any existing medication at any stage of the plan.

Also, Ayurvedic Health Plan and our forums DO NOT replace a consultation with a Doctor.

If you have serious health problems, you should ALWAYS take primary care with registered Physician.

Do I get to keep all the content after the Health Plan ends?

Yes, you will be able to access all the content including posts, videos, downloads, your health assessment, and progress through your own personal account page after the program ends. Information regarding your personal account page will be sent to you before the program begins.

Weekly Group Q&A Sessions

While it is not necessary for you to join group Q&A sessions all the time, we will strongly recommend you to do so. These weekly sessions are meant to address the health concerns and queries that you and other women like you are going through. We build upon each other’s experiences, which are unique yet very close to our own. These sessions will also provide mental and emotional support to you as you uncover your path to Balance.

Can I try Ayurvedic Health Plan before purchasing?

We offer a free Trial period of 14 days. If at any point during the trial period you feel that the program is not right for you, you can cancel it by contacting us at team@medhyaherbals.com with your order details. We offer full refund should you decide to cancel before trial period ends.

If there’s anything at all that you’re not certain about, anything we haven’t made clear; any concerns or questions then please do contact us at team@medhyaherbals.com and we’ll help you out.

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