Tap on Ayurveda's Best Secrets to Burn the Belly Fat & Lose Weight Naturally

Make Weight Loss a Healing journey for your Body and Mind with the Natural and Holistic principles of the Ayurveda.

The Ayurvedic FAT BURN Programme gives you the exact tools in the form of right diet, herbs, exercise and lifestyle habits that will help you to get rid of the excess belly fat and lose weight in a sustainable way.


What they say

I have moved away from the danger zone of a obese BMI and am now in the healthy range. My sleep and digestion has improved a lot. I feel in control of my body now…and I am more aware of the changes happening inside due to my diet, sleep, and lifestyle


My weight has started to move down...and my skin feels much better. Now, I feel light, energetic, and motivated for physical activity. Before I started Medhya Herbals Ayurvedic Programme, I used to suffer from constant hunger and craved for treats...but now I do not even think of food in between my meals...my appetite is regular...and food cravings are gone.


Confidently Beat the Belly Fat, Food Cravings and Creeping up Weight with Ayurveda

Fix your weight problems at the root with the most effective and practical ways of Ayurvedic Diet & Lifestyle. 

1:1 Access to Your Weight loss Coach

Receive personalized guidance and weight loss advise from your Health Coach

Diet Chart and Meal Plans

Get food lists, recipes, meals, snacks and herbal supplements suggestions to burn belly fat and lose weight naturally.

Yoga and Exercise Videos

Make physical activity an essential part of your weight loss journey. Detailed guidance for all levels of comfort with exercise.

Master Toolkit to Beat Food Cravings

Balance your hunger levels to confidently beat food cravings and emotional eating patterns with the right tools, mental strategies and Ayurvedic herbs.

New Programme is Starting on Jan 28, 2021

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