6 Step Ayurvedic Plan to Reverse Insulin Resistance Symptoms Naturally

Ayurveda considers that Insulin Resistance symptoms arise due to excessive “Ama” or Toxins in the body. When Ama builds up, it creates Kapha Dosha imbalance and disturbs the functioning of

14 Hypoglycemia (Low Blood Sugar) Symptoms That You Should Know | Ayurvedic Remedies

Hypoglycemia or Low Blood Sugar levels is one of the most common health issues that women struggle with. Often, hypoglycemia symptoms are confused with low blood pressure. You end up

How diabetes affects the body systems

In recent times, there have been a huge bump up in the incidence of diabetes. This is due to the kind of lifestyle that the modern, civil man has come

Metabolic Syndrome Symptoms, Causes, Natural Treatment

Metabolic Syndrome refers to a group of related metabolic abnormalities that manifest in multiple body systems. These defective metabolic processes, which happen at tissue level, present themselves as chronic health

Gestational Diabetes – Symptoms, Complications, Ayurvedic Treatment

Gestational Diabetes Mellitus (GDM) is defined as any degree of glucose intolerance that develops with the onset of or during the pregnancy. GDM poses health risks to the fetus and

Body Fat distribution can indicate your heath risks!

Body fat is the natural store house of energy via fat tissues and cells in our body. Fat cells are distributed across various parts including the skin, muscles, blood, brain,

Ayurvedic Tips to Lower Blood Sugar Levels Naturally (Ultimate Guide)

Blood sugar is the amount of glucose present in the bloodstream at any time. It is also called as Blood Glucose in medical terminology and in common usage. Our body

Diabetes – Causes, Diagnosis, and Symptoms

Diabetes is a heterogenous health disorder in which blood glucose level rises above normal values due to the body’s inability to process the sugar into energy. It is more commonly