Excessive Sweating and Foul-Smelling Sweat.

Nature has put natural regulatory mechanisms in place everywhere. The human body is no exception, and it has an abundance of such mechanisms for it to take care of itself.

Vaginal Dryness and an Ayurvedic way out.

Aging is inevitable, as no one person can go on living forever. With the advancement in age, there are various changes that are observed. These signs show the passage of

Candida Vaginitis: Fungal Infection of the Vagina.

The vagina naturally has a sea of microorganisms in it. This is called the vaginal flora. The vaginal flora contains microbes including bacteria and fungi, which are healthy, and exist

Urinary Incontinence – Keeping it Tight with Ayurveda.

Leaky taps. Faucets are intended to regulate the flow of liquid from a reservoir of fluid. They are supposed to be shut tight to keep the fluid in till when

Depression can be deadly, but you can beat it.

Depression is an all-transcending ‘disease’ that can affect anyone, regardless of age or status. Not only is it not a respecter of persons, but also, it does not regard or

Indigestion and Heaviness: Feeling Weighed Down and Sluggish.

What if none of the food you ever ate got digested? It’s a scary prospect to consider. The implications are numerous. For one, it would mean that your body cells

Heartburn: The Foot Soldier for GERD and Acid Reflux.

You might have at one time or the other have that burning in your throat that you’re not quite sure of. It feels like your throat and your chest at

Uterine Fibroids: Lumps Inside the Body.

When you go on a picnic, and you spread a piece of clothing down on the ground to sit or lie on and enjoy your picnic with, there can sometimes

Joint Pain and Stiffness

It might be that you have heard your joints creaking like a door that needs lubrication. Or that your mornings are dreadful because there’s always pain biting your knees and

Joint Swelling and Edema-Ayurvedic Route to Freedom.

Joints are essential to movement. Without joints, you would not be walk, talk or even so much as rotate your neck. If you had no joints, you would not be

Heart Palpitations and Anxiety – When to and When not to Worry!

Heart Palpitations is an unnatural awareness of our beating heart, which we barely notice on day-to-day basis. It may arise when the pace of our heart beat increases beyond the

Graying Hair: Hair Announces my Age, Prematurely?

If a man has all the silvers there can be on his head, he is seen as distinguished, stylistic, and is dignified for it. If a woman has a few

Balding and Hair Thinning.

The fact that you’re losing hair doesn’t mean that your beautiful locks are doomed forever. It doesn’t mean that you should shave it all off and wear scarfs everywhere you

Top Foods and Lifestyle Tips to prevent Hair Fall

Are you panicked with your rate of hair loss? Let's get it back with Ayurveda.

How to Get Rid of Acne Scars Naturally? Ayurvedic Self Care

“Finally, after a long drawn out war, I am free from acne!” That was your exclamation when the breakouts finally came to an end. However, you soon realize that it

Puffy Bags and Dark Circles Under Eyes? Ayurveda can help!

Do you look old because you have these dark circles under your eyes, or you're tired of those heavy puffy bags? Ayurveda has a way out.