Ayurveda for Fertility | 20 Herbs, Diet and Yoga for Healthy Pregnancy

Ayurveda for fertility wellness guides that our fertility (optimal health of your reproductive system) is dependent on the well functioning of our mind, body and spirit. According to Ayurveda, fertility

Breastfeeding made Breezy – Herbs and Foods to boost Lactation

Breastfeeding has great health benefits for the newborn and mother alike. Breast milk is a superfood, packed with all vital nutrients, enzymes, and immunity guards that a baby needs. It is

Memory Booster Herbs to Naturally Improve Cognitive Abilities!

In this article we will cover Memory Booster Ayurvedic Herbs or Medhya Rasayana that support cognitive abilities and activate energy systems of the body. Since thousands of years, Indian Ayurveda

Adaptogens – Natural tonics for body & mind!

Adaptogens are one of the most unique naturally occurring medicinal compounds in the world. Adaptogenic herbs are termed so as they activate our energy systems and enable us to adapt and sustain

Top Ayurvedic herbs to Cleanse and Rejuvenate

Regular detoxification is essential to cleanse the body of metabolic wastes and environmental pollutants that build-up over time. Cleansing is one of the important pillars of the Ayurvedic medicine system.

6 Best Ayurvedic Herbs for Healthy Skin and Liver

1. Amla All parts of the Amla plant are used in various Ayurvedic herbal preparations, including the fruits, seeds, leaves, root, bark, and flowers.   Technically it is known as