Moong Beans Dosa (Pancake) | Pesarattu with Coconut and Curry Leaves Chutney

Moong beans dosa (pancake) or pesarattu as it is called in India is an extremely nutritious and filling recipe for breakfast. Unlike other dosa, which are usually fermented before making,

Amaranth Leaves and Coconut Fry with Ragi Dosa (Finger Millet Flour Pancake)

Amaranth Potato and Coconut Stir-fry is a mild and sweet flavored preparation. It has a rich and creamy texture. Potato and coconut perfectly mask slightly bitter taste of amaranth leaves.

Sweet and Sour Pumpkin Stir-fry with Ragi Dosa (Finger Millet Flour Pancake)

Pumpkin stir-fry is a delicious and highly nutritious meal option. It can be made quickly and it is fairly easy to turn around. When combined with the right spices, it

Zucchini Basil Cheese Mini Pancakes (Appam) | Healthy Breakfast Recipe

Zucchini is a highly versatile gourd with high nutritional content and low calories. It is highly soothing food for Pitta and Vata Dosha. Zucchini supports digestive system health and establishes

Black beans and Spinach Mini-pancakes – Savoury Muffins

This is a delicious protein packed recipe that shall keep you satiated and energized for hours! It packs in the health quotient of black beans, Malabar spinach, and red capsicum.

Palak Parantha – Pan fried Spinach and Whole Wheat Bread

Palak Parantha is a delicious and nutritious Indian flat bread. It adds greens to your meals and makes for a super healthy meal option that your kids would love too.

Stir-fried Okra with Potato – Lady Finger – Aloo Bhindi

Okra stir-fry is a fairly common in Indian breakfast and lunch. It goes very well with Chapati – Indian bread. It also goes nicely as a side dish with rice

Stir-Fried Pumpkin and Methi Pranatha – Fenugreek Leaves Bread

A pumpkin recipe that is quick to turnaround, super delicious, and highly nutritious! It is ideal for breakfast along with Methi parathas (Indian bread with fenugreek leaves). As pumpkin is

Broccoli Cheese Appam or Muffins – Healthy Snacks

This is one of the Broccoli recipes, which is a must to be added to the weekly menu for its ease of preparation and of course its nutritional value. It

Mushroom Cheese Dosa – Healthy Pizza Recipe

Mushroom Cheese Dosa easily passes as a Mushroom Cheese Pizza or Mushroom Cheese Rice Crepe to please and excite the little ones! This is a delicious yet another supernutritious preparation

Chickpea Recipes – Oats, Broccoli Pie

Chickpea recipes are common part of Mediterranean cuisine and Indian cuisine. It is a power packed food that provides one with right nutrition and energy. They are super creamy in

Savoury Muffins with Oats, Cauliflower & Broccoli recipe!

For this week, we are super excited to introduce savory muffins with cauliflower, cherry tomatoes, oats, and broccoli recipe! It is one of the best ways to introduce vegetables to families

Zucchini pie with Feta Cheese and Quinoa

Zucchini pie makes a gorgeous and healthy option for your get-togethers, lazy Sundays, and to pack into the lunch box for weekdays. This recipe of Zucchini pie with feta cheese

Vegetable Idli Recipe – Healthy Breakfast

Vegetable Idli is one of the simplest and super nutritious breakfast options for young and old. Covering the colors of rainbow and majority of nutrients of the meal, it is

Banana Bread Recipe | Delicious Desserts

Banana bread is one of the simplest and yet super good food that you can offer to family either for breakfast, as a dessert, or pack as a snack. Here