A Guide to PCOS: Effects of PCOS on Reproduction.

PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome) is more common that than a lot of people think, and oftentimes, it goes undiagnosed. It might be wreaking havoc, but a good number of people

Understand Scanty Periods to Heavy Bleeding: Ultimate Guide to Menstrual Cycle

Scanty periods, heavy bleeding, menstruation extending beyond two weeks, or spotting in between the cycles are some of the many variations of menstrual cycle in real women. We often come

Diet and Natural Remedies for Excessive Facial Hair

Excessive facial hair or coarse hair on unwanted places in the body is a sign of Hirsutism. It usually shows up as abnormal hair growth in some parts of the

How to Get off Birth Control Pills Safely.

For long, women have been made to believe that they just have to use birth control pills. They have been made to see these pills as the ultimate solution to

Post-Birth Control Syndrome(PBCS).

PBCS is an acronym for Post-Birth Control Syndrome. Note that the name says syndrome. Oxford English Dictionary defines a syndrome as a recognizable pattern of signs, symptoms, and/or behaviour, especially

Birth Control Pills Side Effects, Risks, and Natural Options

Besides contraception, hormone based Birth Control Pills (BCPs) are prescribed for a range of women health disorders that originate in hormone imbalances. However, birth control pills side effects are not

Vaginal Dryness and an Ayurvedic way out.

Aging is inevitable, as no one person can go on living forever. With the advancement in age, there are various changes that are observed. These signs show the passage of

Candida Vaginitis: Fungal Infection of the Vagina.

The vagina naturally has a sea of microorganisms in it. This is called the vaginal flora. The vaginal flora contains microbes including bacteria and fungi, which are healthy, and exist

Urinary Incontinence – Keeping it Tight with Ayurveda.

Leaky taps. Faucets are intended to regulate the flow of liquid from a reservoir of fluid. They are supposed to be shut tight to keep the fluid in till when

Depression can be deadly, but you can beat it.

Depression is an all-transcending ‘disease’ that can affect anyone, regardless of age or status. Not only is it not a respecter of persons, but also, it does not regard or

Uterine Fibroids: Lumps Inside the Body.

When you go on a picnic, and you spread a piece of clothing down on the ground to sit or lie on and enjoy your picnic with, there can sometimes

Joint Pain and Stiffness

It might be that you have heard your joints creaking like a door that needs lubrication. Or that your mornings are dreadful because there’s always pain biting your knees and

13 Best Nutrients (with Foods List) for Menopause Diet | Strong Bones, Weight Loss

Menopause diet focuses on the foods and nutrients that support a woman’s health during Perimenopause and after Menopause. While the dietary principles are very similar to those of a healthy

Estrogen Function for Metabolism, Bone Growth, and Heart Health

Estrogen hormone guides the functioning of critical body organs and body systems such as cardiovascular system, nervous system, metabolic functions, musculoskeletal system, and urinary system. What is Estrogen? Estrogen is

Healthy Menstruation – An Ayurvedic View

Menstruation follows a regular monthly cycle for females and girls that have entered Menarche. It involves a synchronised play of multiple hormones and body systems, and it is a vital

Hysterectomy -Types, Causes, Complications

Hysterectomy is the removal of uterus to treat either benign or malignant conditions in women. It is the second most frequently performed surgery after cesarean delivery in women. Around 600,000