Fix Your Fat Metabolism to Lose Weight & Get Rid of Belly Fat

Ayurvedic Detox & Weight loss Challenge | Start Achieving Your Health Goals in Just 30 Days

Follow the Time-tested Ayurvedic Detox Principles to Lose Excess Body Weight and Toxins

You can naturally lose excess body weight by eating foods that will also rejuvenate your body and mind! Following the Ayurvedic principles of balance and detoxification, we will take you through a journey of self-discovery.

Here’s what you will Experience…

ayurvedic treatment medhya herbals

Boost Metabolism, Start burning Fat and Lose Weight

ayurvedic treatment medhya herbals

Put an end to Food Cravings with Balanced Nutrition

ayurvedic treatment medhya herbals

Say good bye to Energy Crashes and Fatigue

ayurvedic treatment medhya herbals

Support Digestive System and Regular Bowel Movement

ayurvedic treatment medhya herbals

Get rid of the persistent bloating, acidity and heaviness in the belly

ayurvedic treatment medhya herbals

Get started with a new cycle of deep sleep that will relax your body and mind

ayurvedic treatment medhya herbals

Experience Better Control on your Mood and Emotions

ayurvedic treatment medhya herbals

Clear up the mental fog. Experience new levels of focus and clarity of thoughts.

A Weight Loss Programme that Gives Results


“I have moved away from the danger zone of a obese BMI and am now in the healthy range. My sleep and digestion has improved a lot. I feel in control of my body now…and I am more aware of the changes happening inside due to my diet, sleep, and lifestyle…”

Divyendu Tripathy Weight Loss-min


Ayurvedic Detox and Weight loss Challenge was super helpful to me to detox without making drastic changes in my busy life. I feel much more calm and relaxed. My energy levels and digestion have improved a lot. While, I couldn’t follow the programme 100%, yet there is significant improvement in my health with only few diet & lifestyle changes that I incorporated.


“My weight has started to move down…and my skin feels much better. Now, I feel light, energetic, and motivated for physical activity. Before I started Medhya Herbals Ayurvedic Programme, I used to suffer from constant hunger and craved for treats…but now I do not even think of food in between my meals…my appetite is regular…and food cravings are gone.”

weight loss Nitika-detox


“I couldn’t eat food without the fear of acidity and discomfort in my belly…poor digestion and my health issues were becoming a routine…that’s when I took a call to get back in shape…Nidhi’s plan helped me to simplify my diet and lifestyle..and systematically detox. Weight loss became a part of my transformation…I feel energetic and healthy…but what makes me happy is that my problems related to digestion have disappeared.”

Begin Your Healing Journey with Ayurvedic Detox and Weight Loss Challenge

When you join the programme, you’ll receive the ultimate toolkit of resources to ensure that this journey leads you to the best version of your own self.

medhya herbals pcos

Health Assessment to Identify your Toxin Load and Set your Health Goals

medhya herbals pcos

Daily Diet Plan. Get recipes, meals, and snack suggestions for each meal.

medhya herbals pcos

Step-by-step videos on Exercise and yoga to increase muscular strength, relax your mind, and lose fat.

medhya herbals pcos

Morning Routine and Evening Routine practices that support Detoxification and Boost your Metabolism.

medhya herbals pcos

100 plus Healthy Recipes to peacefully prepare your Meals, Snacks, and Sides

medhya herbals pcos

Learn about herbs, lifestyle choices, and breathing exercises to beat stress tand sleep better.

medhya herbals pcos

Regular emails with the bout of motivation, information, and friendly reminders to keep you on the track. We will literally hold your hand in making the health transformation that will last.

The Proven 4-Step Path to Lose Weight for Good

  • Step 1: Boost your Metabolism to get rid of excess weight

    Your gut health is key to your metabolism, energy level, nutritional sufficiency, and mental wellness. Support your gut microbiome and digestive fire (termed as Agni in Ayurveda) with careful selection of foods, herbs, and lifestyle practices.
  • Step 2: Detox your liver and kidneys to correct fat metabolism

    Your fat metabolism depends on the health of your liver and kidneys - your primary detox organs. When you support your body's natural detoxification system, you will boost your metabolism, flush toxins out, and start clearing up your fat deposits.
  • Step 3: Tone up and gain muscular strength

    Lean body mass, also known as muscles provide strength, flexibility, structure, and good metabolism. A right combination of foods and physical activity will allow you to lose flabbiness, tone up your body, and gain muscular mass.
  • Step 4: Remove poor food and lifestyle choices

    Shift your focus away from nutritionally poor food items that load up external toxins and mess up with your metabolism. Make right choices of foods, personal products, and lifestyle practices that suppress food cravings and support weight loss.

Get Instant Access to 30 Day Ayurvedic Detox and Weight loss Challenge

Simply choose your preferred payment plan below and JOIN NOW

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Access from Anywhere at Anytime – Online Programme

Unlimited Access to Programme Content and Resources

1:1 Consultation with Medhya Herbals Health Experts

Download Meal Plans, Recipes, and Food List

Stream Videos OR Read on Nutrition, Exercise, and Lifestyle Guidelines

US$ 59

3 Easy Monthly Payments

Access from Anywhere at Anytime – Online Programme

Unlimited Access to Programme Content and Resources

1:1 Consultation with Medhya Herbals Health Experts

Download Meal Plans, Recipes, and Food List

Stream Videos OR Read on Nutrition, Exercise, and Lifestyle Guidelines

Grab Your Chance to Finally start Losing Weight and Transform your Health

“One Day” OR “Day One”…You Decide!

Specially designed for the busy lifestyle; Ayurvedic weight loss and detox challenge is the most comprehensive program to start healing with the ancient Ayurvedic principles.

It is for you if you are ready to commit to your health today by making simple changes in your diet and lifestyle

Leave your fears and doubts behind…and trust in life…in nature’s intelligence…and your body’s capability to bounce back.

We have proven it over and over again. This process works.. it works flawlessly! Join many others, who have embraced the power of simplicity and consistency to transform their health.

You will start seeing results in a matter of days. The only thing you need to do is to BEGIN…

Weight loss is not about starvation or stressing your Body and Mind!

There are thousands of diet programs or cleanses that can result in substantial weight loss. Alas, for majority of such programs, these quick wins do not last. All that was lost, comes back with even more for some…

…and along that rebound, your body starts to give in! Such severe changes and harsh programs swing your body systems from one end to the other, only to create premature aging, body aches, and listlessness.

Stop the cycle that is bound to fail you!

  • Buy expensive products, protein powders, and range of fancy foods and supplements.
  • Go through awful headaches, digestive issues, pain, and fatigue, which is often classified as normal withdrawal symptom.
  • Starve yourself and test your willpower, simply because that system is designed to fail.
  • Spend endless hours in a gym or beat yourself up till each part of your body hurts.
  • Weigh and calculate the amount carbs or calories you are consuming each time you put something in your mouth.
  • Chase unrealistic goals that have been set for a generic body type and lifestyle.

Your body is a wonderful living machine that responds to the love and care, when you finally start showing it…your body and mind can respond at any age and at any stage of health symptoms.

All you need to do is to allow it to thrive by supporting your body’s natural balance! When you start giving your body what it needs, along with the healing foods, herbs, thoughts, and lifestyle practices, it goes into a self repair mode. And that’s when the magic finally happens!

Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ

Ayurvedic Detox and Weight Loss Challenge

Who is it For?

Ayurvedic detox and weight loss challenge is designed for those who want to adopt an all natural and holistic approach of Ayurveda to resolve their weight and health issues.

To get the most out of this new program, you should be ready to make your Health a priority and be determined to make simple yet essential changes to your Diet and Lifestyle that we will take you through. Some points to note:

  • 1. Rebuilding health takes time! Ayurvedic detox and weight loss challenge addresses the underlying causes of excessive weight gain, whereas medications generally cover-up the symptoms.
  • 2. You are committed to nourishing and healing not only your body, but also your mind and spirit. A holistic approach to wellness includes taking stock of your physical, mental and emotional health.

Who is it NOT for? And when you should Not carry out a Detox!

Ayurvedic detox and weight loss is not suited for those wanting a quick or easy fix. It will be of limited value to you, if you are not open to addressing your diet and lifestyle. Right foods and an appropriate routine are the most essential interventions to detox and correct your metabolism!

And if you don’t get this right, then most of the other changes and medical treatments will be of limited value!

Also, we do not recommend you to join Ayurvedic detox and weight loss challenge during pregnancy and while you are breastfeeding. These are crucial times when you should specifically focus all your energy on rebuilding quality body tissues for yourself and for the baby. You will not be able to go the steps requiring a cleanse, which detaches body toxins, hence temporarily load the circulatory system with foreign substances that may be harmful to the baby.

I have existing health conditions and I am on medication, Can I join the Ayurvedic detox and weight loss challenge?

You should! Please do mention your health condition and medication during assessment and as soon as you join the challenge. Our team will take it into account and help you set a right course suitable for your needs.

Ayurvedic detox and weight loss challenge is your companion to maintain heath and prevent health disorders through diet and lifestyle. By adopting right foods, dietary habits, yoga and fitness regime that suit your needs, you will be able to better manage your existing health conditions. You should feel better physically and mentally once you start with the challenge.

PS: We do not recommend stopping any existing medication at any stage of the challenge. Also, Ayurvedic weight loss and detox challenge and our forums DO NOT replace a consultation with a Doctor. If you have serious health problems, you should ALWAYS take primary care with registered Physician.

Herbs, supplements, and Ayurvedic medication. Do I need them?

Ayurvedic detox and weight loss challenge does not recommend medication or synthetic supplements at any point. However, we do provide guidelines towards consumption of the culinary herbs and some Ayurvedic herbs.

This is because, most of the foods we consume these days are devoid of the basic micro nutrients, hence culinary herbs can be a great support to add the missing micronutrients, flavour, taste profile, and aroma to your meals. Culinary herbs and spices such as Cumin, Fennel, Thyme, Turmeric, Ginger, Rosemary, Lemongrass are excellent choices for detox and a balanced diet.

Usually you will require Ayurvedic medicine (which is herb based) in case of severe toxin build-up, as Ayurvedic medicine and herbs act on specific tissues to remove the health issues from its root. Ayurvedic medicine often helps to speed up recovery and healing.

Do I get to keep all the content after the Programme ends?

Yes, you will be able to access all the content including posts, videos, downloads, your health assessment, and progress through your own personal account page after the program ends. Information regarding your personal account page will be sent to you before the program begins.

Can I join from anywhere in the world?

Yes, the challenge will be delivered online. After signing up you’ll receive immediate access to your account page. That’s where all the material becomes available too. It’s all digital so you can access it any time as long as you have an internet connection.

If there’s anything at all that you’re not certain about, anything we haven’t made clear; any concerns or questions then please do contact us at [email protected] and we’ll help you out.

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