Dosha Quiz – Your Ayurvedic Profile for Body and Mind Constitution

Dosha Quiz
Dosha Quiz – Find your Ayurvedic Body and Mind Type!

Every individual is a unique play of the five elements – The Earth, Fire, Water, Air, and Ether. These elements combine together to constitute the energies of circulation, transformation, and generation, which guide how your body and mind function. These energies are termed as three Dosha – Vata, Pitta, and Kapha respectively.

Your body constitution or Prakriti is a map of your inherent nature, strengths, challenges, and preferences. Prakriti stays constant from birth throughout your life. By learning about your Prakriti, you can guide your body and mind towards optimum function, good health, and contentment.

When you take the Dosha quiz, you’ll receive a complete analysis of your body constitution, including a deeper understanding of your feelings, thoughts, physiology, digestion, and your overall personality. Along with your Prakriti, we will also provide you with specific diet and lifestyle regimen that you can follow to thrive mentally and physically.

Check the option(s) on how you have been and what you have liked throughout most of your life, specifically as a child or teenager. As that’s what is your inner constitution!

You can also take the Dosha Quiz along with a family member or friend who knows you well, for an insightful and fun experience.