Use Ayurvedic Diet Principles to be in the Best Shape of your Body, Mind, and Energy

Move from Counting Calories and Obsessing about Isolated Nutrients to Start using each Meal as a pack of Nutrients that your body needs

14-Day Money-Back-Guarantee

Put your Fears, Doubts, and Confusions away. And Start your Journey to build your Confidence, Comfort, and Creativity to work with Real Foods in your Kitchen

  • Go in and get out of the kitchen in as low as 30 mins to prepare delicious meals that will nurture and heal your body and mind.
  • Put an end to food cravings and energy crashes by giving your body the nutrients it needs from real foods.
  • Prevent and recover from chronic digestive issues with food and Ayurvedic diet principles that help to heal your gut.
  • Put your hard earned money to better use and not to pop in multiple synthetic pills that load your detox organs.
  • Start looking and feeling of your actual age and not decades older.
  • Create your own healthy meal plan within a matter of minutes without dreading that question “what’s for dinner tonight”?
  • Work with fresh and whole food ingredients that you can get from your local grocery store to create delicious and satisfying meals and treats.
  • Save money, bring more balance into your life, and build stronger bonds with family members with whom you share your meals.
  • Confidently stop gulping those disgusting protein shakes and stop eating all kind of expensive “super foods” that come from the newest corner of the world to cover your macros and micros.
  • Know how much and what to put on the plate for different age groups, time of the day, and season of the year.
  • Prevent nutritional deficiencies and health ailments associated with lack of nutrition.
  • Learn to eat according to your metabolism and support your body’s capability to assimilate food.
  • Liberate yourself from starving, pulling on the guilt blanket, or counting every damn calorie.

Unleash the Healing Power of Food makes Ayurvedic Diet Practical, Easy, and Approachable for you; so that you can avoid the overwhelm and actually benefit from Ayurveda's deep Holistic Science of nutrition.

Does it sound familiar?

  • I fear I am struggling with nutritional deficiencies and that my meals are not sufficient, so I spend my hard earned money on buying nutritional supplements and pills that will make me healthy.
  • I am struggling with fatigue and low energy. I have to constantly pour in sugary drinks and coffee to charge myself up!
  • I have read dozens of blogs and plenty of books on nutrition and I still cannot decide on healthy foods and struggle to put a coherent meal for myself.
  • My weight has been constantly creeping up, how do I get in control?
  • I have tried multiple diets and programs, even lost a little weight, but my weight and health problems have crept back.
  • My friend just told me about this new diet and it has benefitted her a lot, she looks gorgeous! Would that diet be healthy for me? Or perhaps you tried and found it to be an utter waste of money and time.
  • I am losing control on my hair, skin, and health! I have to pop in meds on regular basis. What should I eat to stop this mess?
  • My weight is constantly down, nothing has helped to gain even a single pound. What should I eat?

If you feel any of these pains, then you are not alone! I have been there, done all of the above, and yet managed to put my and my family’s health back on track with simple yet profound principles from Ayurveda. And that’s the reason, why I created “Unleash the Healing Power of Food” to put science backed Ayurvedic diet principles in a practical, easy, and economical manner, which also fits our modern lifestyle.

Each day media points us to a magical diet that will solve our health issues with that nearly discovered, special, and only formula as “Low Carb”, “No Carb”, “Paleo”, “Mono”, “High fat”, “Low Fat”, “Low Calories”, “Restricted Calories”, “Rainbow Diet”…and what not!

We are constantly bombarded with super healthy foods and rare stuff that can magically make us young, our skin to glow, stop our hair from falling, or allow us to sleep. Marketers have left no space and no living being untouched starting from Japan's pristine islands to Amazon’s forests in their claims towards “super foods”. But is it true?

We are not machines that get switched on or off by that magical thing.

We do not feed on chemicals or gulp gallons of fuel to stay alert and active! Instead, there is a synchronised and delicate play of multiple organs and body systems that decides the quality and quantity of our body tissues - in short our weight, skin and hair quality, our energy levels and fertility, and also alertness of our mind.

Each individual is unique, there is no food or diet that acts in the same way for all.

That’s why you see that you are not able to replicate that magical stuff, which your friend, or that book, or google, or that influencer claims to be! And that’s why even the healthiest food can become poison when consumed in a wrong way, at a wrong time, or by wrong person.

Our diet should be according to what our body needs to nourish and thrive.

If you want things to work, then you need to eat right foods for your own body’s needs. You need to understand that logic on how food affects your body and your well being. And start taking cues from your own body to decide that “healthy food” for you!

When it comes to your Health and Wellbeing, then Food should be the First and Foremost Handle to start Healing.

You can make the right choice every time you eat

You have this handle available at least 3 times a day, 21 times a week, and 90 times in a month! That's a lot, right? So, use this handle wisely to tap on its healing power.

Food affects your Sleep, Energy, and Motivation to Exercise

When you eat foods that are right for you, then you will be able to sleep well and hence tap on sleep’s healing power for you. Also, your body will have enough energy to keep you physically and mentally active! You will naturally be able to dispel all the lethargy, lack of interest, and absence of motivation away.

Unleash the Healing Power of Food is not a diet, it is not a magical food, or that magical trick either! It is a way of selecting and eating foods that your body needs.

Eating right foods has helped me to transform my health and to thousands of people, who incorporated upon Ayurvedic Diet principles to resolve their health issues, to attain vitality, to heal, and to nourish.

I am Nidhi, a chemical engineer from IIT Delhi, MBA from INSEAD, and most importantly mother of two lovely kids. I am an ardent nature lover, and a firm believer in nature's intelligence - which is Ayurveda, a science of life!    Along with my father (an Ayurvedic Medical Practitioner for more than 40 years), I have set on a mission to make Ayurveda's deep knowledge of self-healing practical and accessible for all.
Not a long ago I stuggled with chronic health issues like Allergic Rhinitis, Migraine, Sinusitis, High BMI, Joint Pain, Fungal Infections, and Severe Backache. I used to feel exhausted even after sleeping enough.   All of this challenged my personal and professional life. I was struggling to gather enough energy and motivation to be there for my family, for my own self, and for the career path I had embarked upon.   My health issues were so truamatic for me that I resorted to educate myself on the impact of Diet and Lifestyle on my and and my family's health. I left the corprate career track in a quest to pursue health and balance.
  A chemical engineer by education, I was able to understand the nuances of food science. I figured out the connection between modern convenience foods and their impact on the functioning of our body.   I even started a venture to create healthy foods that can provide specific nutirients in a dense and whole form. And as I dug deeper into Food Science and Nutrition, I learnt how difficult it is to create a tasty processed healthy food without tampering with the inherent nature and balance of the whole food ingredients that go inside it.
I had embarked on a journey with a goal but didn't really know what was going to come on my way. Every day I was and am still coming across new information about food and health. My pursuit with Ayurvedic Diet and Nutrition started in an attempt to improve my daughter's health without succumbing to the medicines and synthetic pills.
      I studied the time tested principles of Ayurvedic Diet to figure out the foods and nutrients that my daughter needed to avoid brittle nails, skin rashes, constant cough and cold, and digestive problems.   As I implemented Ayurvedic principles, I found a remarkable improvement in my daughter's health as well as my own health and stamina. These principles have helped many of the men and women with whom we have worked at Medhya Herbals to improve their Health, Nutrition, and Well Being.

The Magic happens with the food that your body really needs! Some stories on how simple principles of Ayurvedic Diet has changed lives


Put the confusion around "what is healthy" and “what is not" to rest forever. Start eating foods that are “healthy” for you with science backed Ayurvedic diet principles

  • The course includes 8 sections and 60 lessons with video lectures, text summary, and downloadable files.
  • Live workshops to put your knowledge into practice in the form of simple meals. Not cooking classes but meal planning sessions based on Ayurvedic Diet principles.
  • Food Lists, meal examples and templates with detailed guidelines on how to combine various ingredients for synergistic effect on your health.
  • Members only exclusive facebook comunity to find support, guidance, and share your journey.

In this 8 week long Learn and Live experience you will receive step by step guidance to start applying Ayurvedic Diet principles for your specific nutritional needs

Week 1

  • How food affects your metabolism, quantity and quantity of your body tissues, and your immunity.
  • Undergo health assessment to identify the toxin load in your body.
  • Inflammatory Foods and Foods that support natural detoxification system.

Week 2

  • Assessment to identify your body type and current imbalances.
  • Ayurvedic Diet principles to know which foods to eat for your body type and health imbalances.
  • Food lists and meal guidelines for Dosha balancing.
  • Workshop to create your Dosha balancing meal.

Week 3

  • Relationship of food with digestive issues.
  • Hebs that heal and support digestive system.
  • How to use food to gain weight or lose weight.
  • Decode and get rid of the Food cravings.
  • A look into hydration.

Week 4

  • What to eat for different times of the day - Ayurvedic Diet fundamentals
  • Seasonal diet to prevent health issues.
  • Nourishing meals for different age groups.
  • Workshop to create a meal for family.

Week 5

  • How to select and prepare food ingredients for your body needs.
  • A look into food combining, what and when to follow - Ayurvedic Diet Incompatible Foods
  • How to navigate out of sugar on your way.
  • A look into special food categories - Probiotics and Prebiotics.

Week 6

  • A look into different tastes and how they impact our health - Ayurvedic Diet Rasa
  • How to use tastes to heal and nourish.
  • Food lists for different Rasa
  • Workshop to prepare meals covering different taste profiles.

Week 7

  • Missing link between carbohydrates and your health.
  • Proteins - Which ones, how much, and when?
  • How to eat fats to cut fat from your body.
  • Workshop to create a balanced meal covering the Macros.

Week 8

  • Introduction to body tissues - The Seven Dhatus.
  • Effect of food on body tissues - Ayurvedic Diet and Dhatu
  • Foods that nurture your skin, hair, haert, and brain.
  • Foods and dietary principles that help your bones, fertility, nervine function.
  • Workshop to create a meal plan and grocery list for whole week.

And some Fabulous Bonuses worth $700 up for grab!

So hurry up and Unleash the Healing Power of Food like a skilled master.

Medhya Herbals Ayurvedic Diet Recipes

  • Get access to more than 100 recipes to peacefully prepare your meals, snacks, and sides.
  • Detailed instructions on selection and storage of special ingredients.
  • Cooking Tips to enhance Flavour, Nutrition, and Taste profile.
  • Know and Use Seasonal Superfoods that you can find in your local grocery store.
  • A wide selection of healthy meals based on Ayurvedic Diet principles to support your Digestive System, Immunity, and Nutrition level.

Masterclass on Nutrition and Healthy Diet for Growing Children

Children have highly sensitive taste buds and an immature microbiome. A super sensitive taste preference often makes them fussy eaters!

So, if you try to please kids with artificially tasteful but unhealthy foods, their overall health and Immunity will go down.

Instead get familiar with their nutritional needs and map them onto their meals to successfully create delicious and nutritious meals that they would prefer.


This masterclass covers basics about the nutrients, proportions, and foods that should be included in meals of children to support their physical and mental growth. You will also learn about the tastes, texture, and natural flavours that your kids would enjoy. This will support their health, set their digestive system on the right track, and get them off food cravings for the sugary and calories rich food.

A guide to Herbs and Spices

Get familiar with common herbs and spices. Learn how to use them in your meals, in side dishes, and in teas. Get details on the nutrition potential of herbs from your garden or local grocery store.

Workshop on Meal Planning and Healthy Diet for Diabetes

Capture on the Ayurvedic Dietetics principles in Unleash the Healing Power of Food to create healthy meal options for Diabetes. Gain insight into important elements for Nutrition needs of a Diabetic. Learn how to support digestion and health with Ayurvedic principles.

14 Day Money-Back Guarantee


14 Day No-Questions Asked Guarantee

If you are not satisfied; I am not satisfied. Every step of my system to use foods to nourish and heal is shared in absolute detail.   I do't leave you with a bunch of theory but practical principles from Ayurvedic Dietetics that you can actually benefit from as I have done.   I am absolutely sure that this will support you to get results and start achieveing health. And if this doesn't seem worth 10 times more than you invest's yours free...seriously!   You have a full FOURTEEN days to try it and if you don't think it is right for you, I will refund every penny. No questions asked!

One Last Thought...

3 Months from now, do you still want to struggle with the same and perhaps some additinal health problems while popping in pills or doing nothing? OR you want to take charge of your well-being now? With a small investment in your health and a little self-love, you can now put an end to your biggest Fears, Doubts, and Confusions about the most important pillars to your Health - your Food! And the choice is yours!

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