Regain Health and Thrive in Your Body with All Natural Holistic Ayurveda

Hormone Balance with Ayurveda gives you the right information and support with Ayurvedic Treatment, Balanced Nutrition, Optimum Physical Activity and Mental Wellness to find relief from Painful and Erratic Periods, Digestive Issues, Skin and Hair Problems, and unexplained Mood Swings.


What they say

Best part of the Health Plan is its practicality. The Diet plan I received is based on easily available Ingredients. The changes in life style are practical. My overall health has improved, hormones are more balanced, sleep quality is much better, and I have seen sustained and natural weight loss without extreme dieting or very heavy exercise.


It was really about going back to basics, taking care of your body and understanding the connection between food, mind and body. I'd say just after 5 days of practicing few changes, I felt a huge positive difference (I did not think it'd work so quick). Indigestion disappeared and I feel lot more energetic!


Find Relief from Your Health Issues at the Root Cause with Ayurvedic Treatment, Diet & Lifestyle

When you join Hormone Balance with Ayurveda, you’ll receive the ultimate toolkit of resources to ensure that this health journey leads you to the best version of your own self.

Regular 1:1 Online Consultation with Ayurvedic Doctor

Receive personalized Ayurvedic treatment and health advise in your 1:1 online consultation

Diet and Natural Supplements

Get food lists, recipes, meals, snacks and natural supplements suggestions to nurture and heal your body & mind.

Ayurvedic Morning and Evening Routine Practices

Learn the essentials of Ayurvedic daily routine that balances hormones and promotes vitality.

Your Toolkit to Take charge of your Health

Learning Modules on how to improve sleep, videos on breathing exercises, yoga and physical activity, guidelines to remove Hormone Disturbing Chemicals and many more to naturally balance your hormones.

New Programme is Starting on Jan 28, 2021

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