There are many recommended PCOS treatment options, but which ones are the most effective?

Well! If you are looking an answer to this, then you are not alone! There are millions of women in the world, who are also going through the constant struggle with PCOS symptoms just like you.

PCOS is one of the biggest hormone imbalance disorder that is affecting the physical and mental health of women in the 21st century.

It is estimated that 1 in every 10 women have PCOS. And even more are not yet diagnosed!

You’re likely one of these women, who are daily battling with angry skin breakouts, unwanted hair, irregular periods, extremely painful periods, and weight that doesn’t seem to go off!

And if you are, you’ve either tried your fair share of solutions – or you’re looking for something that will help you with PCOS Symptoms, so you can finally get back your life and feel yourself again!

With this post, we have done some of the research work for you.

Let’s look at and evaluate 3 of the most most popular options to treat PCOS – and 1 slightly unusual method that’s gaining a word-of-mouth reputation for being incredibly effective.

You’ll also discover why you’re still struggling with PCOS symptoms, even if you’ve tried everything – and what you can do instead.

1. Metformin for PCOS – The not so good patchwork for Insulin Resistance

Metformin is no newcomer in the pharmaceutical industry. It has been studied extensively over the years.

Metformin is a common prescription for Type-II Diabetes. It can help reduce insulin resistance, unhealthy fats, and the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

Metformin can also help to regulate menstrual cycle for some women, however it is largely in effective for a number of others.

There is limited evidence for the effectiveness of Metformin to reduce high Androgen levels. Hence, it is not really useful for those looking for relief from Acne, Hirustism, and Hair loss to be specific.

Why Metformin is not the best PCOS treatment option?

  • It does not treat the underlying cause of PCOS.
  • It only works for as long as you use it. Prolonged usage leads to the build-up of potentially dangerous side-effects.
  • Weight loss is not significant, and any weight loss returns when you stop using it.
  • While it might give you a better shot at getting pregnant, it does nothing to increase your chances of sustaining the pregnancy.

Side Effects of Metformin that you should know

  • Vitamin B12 deficiency: This vitamin is vital for fertility and for our nervous system. Your fertility is impaired if you don’t have enough of it.
  • Gastrointestinal problems: You’ll experience nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, stomach upset, etc.
  • Lactic acidosis is perhaps the most dangerous side effect of metformin. It presents with many health challenges ranging from muscle weakness to difficulty breathing.

2. Birth Control Pills – Hormone Based PCOS Treatment

How about hormones?

It is ironical that millions of women struggling with different kind of hormone imbalance are all put on somewhat similar hormone treatments!

In fact, hormone based treatment such as birth control pills are used mostly to deal with health issues rather than for birth control as such.

Some start taking artificial hormones to cure acne outbreaks, regulate their period, for period pain, and even for Menopause.

These artificial hormones can be taken in form of birth control pills, injections, skin patches, intrauterine devices, etc.

Side Effects of PCOS and Birth Control Pills

Now, Polycystic ovarian syndrome is primarily a hormonal problem, and taking artificial hormones can seem to help for some. It helps to ‘bring the hormones under control.’

If only it were that simple. Artificial hormones take over the job of hormone regulation from your brain. It doesn’t fix the problem. It only masks it.

While you are happy taking the hormones PCOS symptoms actually keep on worsening. And if you eventually stop taking the hormones, you will see the symptoms return with full force, even worse this time.

Unfortunately, there might be side effects too, depending on how long you were dependent on the hormones.

You are likely to experience symptoms of PBCS (the post-birth control syndrome) when you eventually stop.

3. Keto Diet for PCOS | Why it is not the Best Approach!

Ketogenic diet as it is called is another common treatment option for PCOS.

Well, it is true that the ketogenic diet does work to shed excess weight quickly. But this quick loss comes with a lot of side effects of its own. And here’s why!

In a ketogenic diet plan, you consume low or no carbohydrates. Basically, your diet consists primarily of proteins and healthy fats.

Since, your body uses carbohydrates as the primary source of energy. When there is little of this, the body is deprived of its primary energy source.

This tricks your body into thinking that you are fasting.

But the body is just a good old buddy. It can handle it just fine. Guess what it does?

When there is no other option, it begins to convert fat cells into energy. Thus, fat is burned.

Keto Diet can make PCOS Symptoms Worse

One reason why this isn’t the best diet for some women with PCOS is because, keto diet can put excessive pressure on your already weak adrenals.

They start producing more Cortisol, thus increasing more stress and hence worsening off the symptoms.

Here is another fact about ketogenic diet that will make you rethink before you try it out!

When there is not enough sugar in the blood, your sugar cravings increase tremendously.

So much that it’s difficult to not give in to it!

Additionally, keto diet deprives your body of the essential prebiotics, hence it severely disturbs your gut bacteria profile. This leads to unpleasant symptoms such as foul smelling sweat, dryness, bloating, diarrhea, and headaches for many.

Right Diet for PCOS!

A PCOS diet should be something that you can sustain in the long-term, but the ketogenic diet can’t be done forever. Here are some free resources to help you get started with an Ayurvedic Diet and Lifestyle and reverse PCOS Symptoms in an all natural holistic manner.

If you want to begin eating a PCOS friendly diet today but don’t know where to start, then do download our free 7 days PCOS Meal Plan.

With this, you will also get to know the fundamentals of PCOS Diet, Nutrition, and Best Foods, and Food Culprits to balance your hormones and promote ovulation.

PCOS Treatment in Ayurveda | A Holistic Approach to Treat the Root Cause of PCOS Symptoms

PCOS finds mention in Ayurvedic texts that are more than 5000 years old. Ayurvedic physicians at that time described PCOS as a health issue that affects the reproductive system of a woman.

Also, they detailed the types of PCOS based on the root cause and hence its specific treatment.

For modern medical science, we are yet to come to conclusions on the cause of PCOS. That is why, most of the medical treatments for PCOS revolve around taking medication or hormones along with changes in diet and lifestyle.

However, as you saw earlier, there are some serious side-effects of these medications. Yet, they do not resolve the problem!

And most of the time, you will only find patch-work solutions that come off as soon as you try to get off the medication. So, it becomes a life-long affair!

But, not quite the same in Ayurveda! You can find more details on PCOS Ayurvedic treatment here.

When you make consistent changes in your diet and lifestyle according to the imbalances that you have, you also move towards resolving your health issues at the root.

Heal PCOS with Ayurveda – The Natural and Holistic PCOS Treatment without Pills and Diets

Ayurveda seeks to maintain health by allowing the body to regulate. After all, the body has been programmed that way. You need only help it along and not disturb it.

Give Ayurveda a try. Not only you will be able to treat PCOS naturally but also attain much better levels of physical and mental health that you had at anytime before!

Do write to us for any queries, comments, and feedback. We will try to get back the soonest we can!


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