Despite all of my efforts to lose weight, I was unable to do so. On top, constant dieting had given me so many belly problems that I couldn’t even eat the simplest of foods. My stomach pained all the time! Either, I was constipated and bloated or struggled with diarrhea. My periods were all over the place, heavy bleeding and excruciating pain made me dread them every month. The number of medications I had been taking for 15 years were only increasing, yet none of them made me feel any  better. In fact, most of the medications just created additional symptoms, for which I had to take some more medicines. My TSH levels were shooting up and my health had just been going down. 

I was so tired of being chronically sick and fatigued that I finally started searching for alternative solutions and came across Ayurvedic treatment for thyroid. It was a completely new system of medicine to me! Even though I wasn’t sure, I decided to give this natural treatment for thyroid a try. And now I am soo grateful that I did :) In my first consultation with Ayurvedic doctors at Medhya Herbals, I understood how different and soothing Ayurveda is. 

The Doctors at Medhya Herbals were very detailed and supportive. They created an easy to follow Ayurvedic treatment protocol for me that I could practice everyday without feeling deprived or restricted. My regular consultations with the Ayurvedic doctors gave me so much confidence and much needed support to avoid the overwhelm and confusion that had always caught me.  Slowly, my health issues started to resolve with Ayurvedic herbs and the changes I made in my diet and lifestyle with their guidance. The doctors eventually tapered down all of my medications and even got me off the thyroid hormones that I had been taking for almost 2 decades.

And now, I am not only free from the constant pain and fatigue, but also from the cocktail of medicines I was taking on daily basis. My belly feels light and I can comfortably enjoy meals with my family. My periods are regular, pain free and normal (no more incessant bleeding!). I am also slowly losing weight and feel strong inside out. I have no more headaches, my depression and anxiety has lifted off significantly! According to my family and friends, my entire outlook has changed! And I’m slowly but surely learning to love myself and my body, which I felt was broken. Thank you Dr. Bansal and Nidhi :)


Yes! You can Cure Your Thyroid with Ayurveda

Find Freedom from Painful Thyroid Symptoms and Feel Your Best for Years to Come

Your thyroid gland is the master controller of your metabolism, weight, energy levels and reproductive function (periods and fertility).

The delicate balance of thyroid hormones in your body is affected by your diet, lifestyle and multiple environmental factors. Poor thyroid function, if not treated in time can manifest into health disorders as Hypothyroidism, Hyperthyroidism, Hashimoto's Thyroiditis, Thyroid Nodules or even Thyroid cancer.

As a result, you may struggle with Thyroid symptoms related to Painful Irregular Heavy periods, Weight gain or Weight loss, Hair loss, Dryness, Extreme Fatigue, Anxiety, Depression and Fertility Problems.

You may try to control one or more of your Thyroid symptoms with medicines, hormones or cosmetic treatments. Yet, none of these remove the root cause of Thyroid Problems! Worse, they come with lot of side-effects and often require life-long dependence on these medications.

That’s why the very first step to cut through the challenges of Thyroid Problems is to identify and treat the root cause of your health issues.

Tap on Ayurvedic Healing to Naturally Balance Your Thyroid

Ayurvedic Treatment Medhya Herbals Hormone Imbalance
100% Natural & holistic Healing

Build your health from inside out with All Natural Holistic practices of Ayurvedic Medicine. Get off medications and quick fix patchwork solutions with the support of a Healing Diet & Lifestyle.

Personalised THYROID AYURVEDIC treatment

Resolve your specific health issues at the root cause in 1:1 video consultations with Ayurvedic Doctors. Get expert guidance from Medhya Herbals to draft a thyroid healing health program that suits your needs & lifestyle.

Online Consultation Ayurvedic Treatment
ayurvedic treatment diet and lifestyle medhyaherbals
rebuild health for lasting results

Heal your Body & Mind with Ayurvedic medicine, a nourishing diet and a healing lifestyle. Naturally gain strength in your body, keep your nutrient levels umpteen and build your immunity to prevent and fight off disease causing factors.

Begin Your Healing Journey with The Best Thyroid Treatment

The Ultimate 6 Months Thyroid Ayurvedic Treatment

01 1:1 Video Consultation with Ayurvedic Doctor

Receive personalized Thyroid Ayurvedic treatment health protocol in your bi-weekly 1:1 video consultations. Get prescription for Ayurvedic herbal medicines, personalised diet chart & yoga guidelines to treat your thyroid from the comfort of your home.

02 24 Hours Online Support & Step-by-Step Guidance

Get all the support you need from our team of Medical Doctors, Nutrition, Lifestyle and Yoga Experts to put your thyroid health back on track. Set the pace of your thyroid treatment  according to your lifestyle.

03 Personalised Diet Therapy and Herbal Supplements 

Receive personalised diet plan, advise on natural supplements, food lists and recipes from your health team. Use your diet to balance thyroid hormones, lose weight, regulate your periods and raise your energy levels.

04 Ayurvedic Morning and Evening Routine Practices

Learn the essentials of an Ayurvedic dincharya (daily routine) that balances your thyroid hormones, boosts your metabolism & supports your fertility. Sleep better and clear up the brain fog, anxiety and depression with rejuvenating Ayurvedic lifestyle practices.

05 Yoga and Exercise Guidelines

Make physical activity an essential part of your Thyroid Treatment. Learn the best exercises and yoga sequences to beat Thyroid symptoms. Detailed guidance for all levels of comfort with exercise.

06 Prevent & Reverse Thyroid Health Complications

Chronic Thyroid Imbalance can result into several health complications related to bones, heart, skin, nerves and liver function. Get 1:1 support from your Ayurvedic Doctor to follow right measures to ensure fast recovery.

Patient Reviews & Testimonials


I was on the heavier side since childhood. At 19, I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism as I was unable to lose weight and my periods were extremely painful. However, I didn't want to take the thyroid hormones, so I continued as such with some changes in my diet and lifestyle. After marriage, I was unable to conceive even after trying for 2 years. That's when I decided to go for Ayurveda. Dr. Bansal at Medhya Herbals helped me to regulate my thyroid and hormone balance with herbal medicines, diet and exercise plan. After starting the Thyroid treatment, my health issues started to resolve. Slowly my periods became regular and also my weight started to come down. This encouraged me to keep up. After 6 months, I was also able to conceive naturally and deliver a healthy baby girl with full term pregnancy. With Ayurvedic treatment, I could avoid the medications and their side effects and also achieve better health for myself and my family members.


My thyroid problems started with Menopause. Heavy Bleeding and Extreme Fatigue were taking a toll on my physical and mental health. My hair were falling so much that I felt I was going to get bald. On the top of it, I had to go through Cataract surgery due to fogginess in my eyes. I wasn't sure what was happening to me. All those women I knew didn't have these symptoms that I was experiencing. This scared me so much that I was almost in depression. Dr. Bansal at Medhya Herbals recommended tests and also provided a detailed assessment based on my pulse analysis. I was diagnosed with under active thyroid. He provided me with Ayurvedic medicines, diet and daily routine advise that helped me a lot. After over 4 months of Ayurvedic treatment, I was able to solve almost all of my health issues. My test reports also came in normal. Ayurvedic treatment for thyroid has helped me to see and live my life in new light. I feel so much better and hopeful to enjoy this phase of life now.

Thyroid Conditions that Ayurvedic Treatment Cures


Thyroid Nodules


Autoimmune Thyroiditis

Postpartum Thyroiditis

Hashimoto's Disease

The Proven 4 Step Ayurvedic Treatment for Thyroid Balance


The first stage of Thyroid Ayurvedic treatment focuses on full body detoxification with plant based whole herbs and Ayurvedic medicines.

Ayurvedic detox helps to detach the toxins from the deepest body tissues and safely flush them out of the body. It removes the blockade and cleanses the gut, circulatory & metabolic pathways.

This stage really helps to reduce inflammation in the body, improve circulation and flow of thyroid hormones for higher energy levels and lesser or no pain.

You can undergo Ayurvedic detoxification from the comfort of your home. Steps involved:

Step 1 - Health Assessment & to identify your body type

Step 2 - Video Consultation with Ayurvedic Doctor

Step 3 - Practice Your personalised Ayurvedic Detox Health Protocol with Medhya Herbals's Doctors


The second stage of your Thyroid Ayurvedic Treatment focuses on balancing the digestive fire (agni) under the supervision of an Ayurvedic Doctor to boost your metabolism and support your digestion. This stage really helps to promote weight loss, improve the quality and quantity of your thyroid hormones. Steps involved:

Step 4 - Practice Health Protocol involving Ayurvedic herbs, Diet and Lifestyle Changes

Step 5 - Diet and Exercise Plan with Yoga Asana designed by your Doctor


The third stage marks the beginning of deep nourishment and strengthening of body systems. Your doctor will prepare a diet chart for you and prescribe Ayurvedic medicines to support your menstrual cycle, fertility, immunity and thyroid function. This will be complimented with thyroid healing yoga routine to enrich you spiritually. Steps involved:

Step 6 - Personalised Diet and Meal Plan, Guidance Foods and Recipes

Step 7 - Personalised Yoga and Exercise Routine for your specific health concerns


The fourth stage rejuvenates your body and mind with Ayurvdic adaptogens, thyroid balancing diet, and yoga therapy.  Your doctor will prescribe a personalized health regimen for you. Steps involved:

Step 8 - Personalized Medicines And Therapies

Step 9 - Personalized Diet & Lifestyle Advise

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How long is the Ayurvedic Treatment for Thyroid Problems?

Your doctor and health team will work together to assist you go through the 4 stages of Ayurvedic Treatment for Thyroid over a period of 6 months. 

Who is it For?

Heal Thyroid is designed for women who want to adopt an all natural and holistic approach of Ayurveda to resolve their Health symptoms and Hormonal Imbalances.

To get the most out of your Thyroid Ayurvedic Treatment, you should be ready to make your Health a priority and be determined to make simple yet essential changes to your Diet and Lifestyle that we will take you through.

Some points to note:

1. Rebuilding health takes time.  Heal Thyroid addresses the underlying causes of imbalance in the body, whereas medications generally cover-up the symptoms.
2. You are committed to nourishing and healing not only your body, but also your mind and spirit. A holistic approach to wellness includes taking stock of your physical, mental and emotional health

When can I expect to see results?

The exact timeline for the Thyroid symptoms to subside depends on the intensity and type of your specific health issues.

While, we have seen our patients to resolve their pressing health issues as weight loss, period problems and poor digestion within a matter of weeks; it is possible that some of your desired results as pregnancy may take a timeline of 7-9 months.

Usually, there is a minimum of 12 weeks (3 months) cycle that our body tissues go through towards regeneration and change after we make specific changes to our Diet and Lifestyle. So, if all falls in place; 3 months is the basic timeline to be able to see the change in your body.

Your recovery is also highly dependent on the level of discipline you maintain during your treatment.

Through our framework, we will ensure you have all the required tools and information to overcome specific challenges one faces during their healing process, yet the ACTION has to be taken by you!

How will my individual health concerns be taken care of?

Your specific health concerns will be addressed by your designated doctor and health experts, who will monitor and adjust treatment elements like diet, Ayurvedic medication, yoga and exercise routine to match your condition.

Can I join from anywhere?

Yes, your consultations, diet and exercise plan and all the related guidance on your Thyroid Ayurvedic Treatment is provided online through video/audio mode and through downloadable guidelines, lists and plans.

I have an existing health conditions and I am on medication. Can I still join in?

Yes, you should! By adopting right foods, dietary habits, yoga and fitness regime that suit your needs, you will be able to better manage your existing health conditions.

Our first step to put your health back on track is by identifying and removing the underlying CAUSES to your health problems. You should feel better physically and mentally once you start with your Thyroid Ayurvedic Treatment.

Do I need to take herbs and supplements?

In Thyroid Ayurvedic Treatment, we do not recommend synthetic supplements at any point. However, your Ayurvedic Doctor will provide prescription for Ayurvedic herbal medicines to treat your specific PThyroid Symptoms.

In addition, we provide guidelines to include culinary herbs and Ayurvedic herbs in your diet and lifestyle. This is because, most of the foods we consume these days are devoid of the basic micronutrients.

Hence culinary herbs can be a great support to add the missing micronutrients, flavour, taste profile, and aroma to your meals. Culinary herbs and spices such as Cumin, Fennel, Thyme, Turmeric, Ginger, Rosemary, Lemongrass are excellent choices for wellness and balanced diet.

Does the Treatment include Herbs?

Your Thyroid Ayurvedic Treatment includes prescription for Ayurvedic herbal medicines. However, the cost of herbs is not included in the programme.

Your prescribed herbs and medicines have to availed by you locally. We make sure that you can avail the herbs and medicines by suggesting and advising you on the best sources to get the same. In case, you cannot find the prescribed herbs, we will advise you on alternatives that can be availed in your region.

1. For Indian Residents: We can ship your prescribed medicines at additional cost.

2. For Non-Indian Residents: We are unable to ship the medicines due to regulatory constraints. However, with our experience in working with patients internationally, we will be able to advise on appropriate vendors to purchase your herbs.

I live a very busy lifestyle and travel often. Can I follow the treatment?

Yes, your Ayurvedic Treatment is designed to cater to your lifestyle. Your doctor and health experts will personalise the key aspects of implementing diet and exercise in your daily routine.

I have some more questions!

If there’s anything at all that you’re not certain about, anything we haven’t made clear; any concerns or questions then please do contact us at and we’ll help you out

Regain Health & Thyroid Balance with All Natural Holistic Ayurveda