We are on a Mission to upgrade Women Health and Nutrition with Ayurveda

A story of Passion for Nature, Belief in Balance, and Love for Life!

A Father Daughter duo, we started Medhya Herbals with a vision to make Ayurveda’s deep knowledge of self-healing practical and accessible for women health care. Medhya in Ayurveda refers to the utmost human intelligence, which is exhibited through a balanced state of body and mind! At Medhya Herbals, we are working to provide you with the best health resources to lead a disease free healthy life.

Food and lifestyle choices impact our Health, Beauty, Mood, Brain Activity, and most importantly how we enjoy the precious gift of LIFE! We have experienced this first hand for ourselves, as parents, and as health care providers. We are here to share our experience with you and help you make choices that will lead you towards a healthier and happier self.

Dr. Pawan Bansal

Dr. Pawan Bansal


Ayurveda Acharya, G.A.M.S. (M.D.U.)

Namaskar! I am Dr. Pawan Bansal, Founder of Medhya Herbals. I am a registered Medical Practitioner with more than 40 years of experience in Ayurvedic and Herbal treatment. I am very happy to know that you are considering Ayurveda to resolve your health problems. Ayurveda is one of the oldest and most established medicinal systems, comprising of eight branches ranging from Children health, Women Health, Internal Medicine, Surgery, and Geriatric Health.

Ayurvedic principles allow us to awaken the incredible physician within, our body’s natural intelligence to attain our potential, to perform, and to heal. This is what I have observed in my practice! Subtle changes in diet and lifestyle, along with the support of Ayurvedic herbs can provide surprising yet gratifying results even in chronic cases with medical history of as long as 30 years.

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Here are some areas in which I have successfully applied Ayurvedic medicine – Cysts, PCOS, Obesity, Fibroids, Infertility, Chronic Digestive Disorders, Autoimmune Disorders such as Psoriasis and Rheumatoid Arthritis, Joint Pain, Inflammation, Chronic Cough, and Sinusitis. I am happy to share some of the success stories of my patient’s who regained their health with Ayurvedic treatment, Diet, and Lifestyle.

Successfully Treating Women Health Issues with Ayurveda since 40 years

Uterine Fibroids

Age group 45- 50 years

Patient had diagnosis of varying sizes of uterine fibroids 3 cm, 1.5 cm, and 2 cm. She came for treatment of painful menses, excessive bleeding, weakness, and fatigue. After the treatment, excessive bleeding was stopped within 1 week itself and the fibroids were reduced over a period of 4 months.

Polycystic Ovarian Disease PCOD, Fertility

Age group 30 - 35 years

Patient had diagnosis of PCOD. She came for treatment of leucorrhea, backache, irregular menses, and was unable to conceive. After the treatment, her health symptoms subsided and she was able to give birth to a healthy child.

Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome PCOS

Age group 25 - 30 years

Patient had diagnosis of PCOS. She came for treatment of weight gain, lethargy, fatigue, leucorrhea, and irregular menses. After the treatment, her health symptoms subsided and she was also able to lose excessive weight.

Couple with Infertility

Age group 30 - 35 years

Couple was not able to conceive for past 6-7 years. Patient suffered from low sperm count for the man. While woman suffered from inflammation in the uterus, leucorrhea, backache, and PCOD. Ayurvedic treatment was given to them to increase sperm count as well as to correct health imbalances in the woman. They were able to conceive successfully after the treatment.

Couple with Infertility

Age group 35 - 40 years

Couple was not able to conceive for past 13 years. Patient suffered from low sperm count and poor quality / abnormal sperm for the man. While woman suffered from irregular menses, Dysmenorrhea (severe period pain), and irregular menses. Ayurvedic treatment was given to them to correct the health imbalances and improve the fertility. They were able to conceive successfully after the treatment.


Age group 35 - 40 years

Patient complained of Irregular menses, cold body parts, depression, lethargy, dry skin, and excessive weight gain. She was recommended clinical tests and diagnosis was made for Hypothyroidism. Along with Ayurvedic medication, she was recommended changes in Diet and Lifestyle. She was able to recover from health symptoms within 4 months.

Arthritis, Weight Gain, Fatigue

Age group 45 - 50 years

Patient, from a farmer family, complained of Joint Pain, Stiffness, Rigidity, Excessive Weight Gain, Indigestion, Inability to move and carry out daily tasks. After her treatment, she was able to resume her normal activities that required heavy physical work such as working on farm, milking and taking care of cows, and regular household work.

Arthritis, Digestive Problems

Age group 60 - 65 years

Patient suffered of extreme fatigue, joint pain through out the body, body stiffness in the morning, gas, acidity, and indigestion. She was able to recover from the health symptoms in 2-3 months after her treatment.

Arthritis, Inflammation

Age group 75 - 80 years

Patient suffered of joints pain, inflammation, rigidity, inability to walk and carry out daily tasks. She was able to recover from health symptoms and was able to carry on her routine work after a treatment of 3 months.

Food Allergies, Lactose Intolerance

Age Group 5 - 10 years

Two children, sisters, suffered from lactose intolerance, nutritional deficiencies, lack of appetite, allergy to different protein strains, weakness, and lethargy. Treatment lasted for 5 -6 months to help them rekindle their digestive fire and stop inflammation. Tonics helped to gain health and strength in the body.

Fatty Cysts

Male, Age Group 25 - 30 years

Patient suffered from diffused cysts all over the body. He was able to recover within a month, however treatment continued for 2 months to put the condition into remission.

Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Male, Age Group 50 plus years

Patient suffered from frequent episodes of Diarrhea and Constipation, and extreme weakness. Diagnosis was made for IBS and treatment was provided. He was able to recover from health symptoms.

Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Weakness

Male, Age Group 30 - 35 years

Patient suffered from frequent Weakness, Lack of Appetite, Nutritional Deficiencies, and an urge to defecate every time he consumed food. He was given Ayurvedic Medicine and a strict dietary regime, with which he recovered within 6 months.

Autoimmune Disorder, Psoriasis

Male, Age Group 25 - 30 years

Patient suffered from patches of hives and rashes that were diffused throughout the body, scaly skin, no itching, and stress due to poor outlook. After treatment, he was able to recover from health symptoms within 6 months.

Start your Journey to Health and Balance with Ayurveda

A personalised Health Plan to Health, Nutrition, and Hormone Balance

Ayurvedic Health Plan is Medhya’s unique and comprehensive health plan that is based on solid and time-tested principles of Ayurvedic Dietetics and Yogic Science. It is an all natural holistic approach to attain balance, to perform, and to heal.

Receive step-by-step guidance to make right choices of food, lifestyle, and physical fitness regime that balance your hormones and support your health and nutritional needs.

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Nidhi Bansal


M.Tech & B.Tech (IIT Delhi), MBA (INSEAD)

Hi! This is Nidhi Bansal here, Founder of Medhya Herbals. I am really excited to share my passion for Ayurveda with you through this platform. I am a mother of two beautiful kids, an ardent nature lover, and a firm believer in nature’s intelligence – which is Ayurveda, a science of life!

I have gained knowledge of Ayurvedic principles firsthand from my father, Dr. Pawan Bansal and from the Ayurvedic texts that I studied to transform my own and my family’s health. I am a chemical engineer from Indian Institute of Technology Delhi, a geek who loves to test theoretical knowledge with practical experience.

My Health Transformation Journey

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In my late 20s I worked in Europe and Canada, where I experienced extreme weather changes, which triggered several health issues for me including Allergic Rhinitis, frequent Migraines, and Sinusitis. I had a high BMI and a history of Bronchitis.
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After my 1st child, I had a very difficult postnatal period. I faced multiple health issues related to joint pain, poor immunity, fungal infections, severe backache, and not to mention the mood swings. It was so traumatic for me to go through such poor health state that I resorted to solve my health issues and educate myself on it. I started practicing yoga to relieve myself from backache. Also, I discovered more about what goes in packaged and processed foods and decided to drop them out of my diet. Guess this wasn’t yet enough!
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After my 2nd child, I had much easier postnatal period. Regular yoga and an improved diet had definitely worked. This time, there was no backache and no muscular pain. I had good stamina. However, I still suffered from High BMI, Sinusitis, Migraines, Forgetfulness, and Anxiety, Mood Swings. It seemed there was some more work to be done!
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I began to study Ayurveda and started to implement Ayurvedic principles in my diet and lifestyle. At the same time I continued to practice yoga and added some more ways to exercise in my routine. Slowly, my body started to respond and my mind joined the change! My BMI came in healthy range and my mind felt much alert. I had left behind the frequent mood swings and memory issues. In fact, I had never felt so calm, in control of my own health, mind, and body before this. Such is the wonder of simple yet disciplined routine that Ayurveda guides us to practice!

Experience the joy of a Balanced Body and Mind

Having gone through this transformation through Ayurvedic principles, I have learnt that our body craves for BALANCE. Attaining  balance is not complex but requires consistent yet simple changes in your Diet and Lifestyle. As soon as we start making these changes, which Ayurveda abundantly guides, we can gain back our Balance.

Do not Ignore your Health Symptoms

After speaking with a lot of women who had similar or aggravated health state, I have come to know that women health is routinely ignored! To be clear, it is not by anybody else, but we do it ourselves! Women keep suffering incessantly when they start menstruation, throughout their monthly cycles, sometimes through pregnancy and afterwards, and even after it all stops – at Menopause, which is perhaps the worst phase of health imbalances.

We keep on hiding our health issues while trying to be an ideal mother, wife, and professional. Juggling multiple things, we keep our own health issues on the side. Eventually, simple problems lead to bigger imbalances, sometimes chronic disorders!

A Mission to solve Women Health Issues with Ayurveda

Having resolved my health issues by following Ayurvedic principles, I have set on a mission to share the wealth of knowledge and solutions that Ayurveda has to offer. Ayurveda offers natural cure and solutions to majority of women health problems without use of invasive procedures as surgeries and without chemicals or hormones. Ayurvedic diet and lifestyle help us to stay in the best of our health and mindset when going through changes such as pregnancy, lactation, Menarche, menstrual cycles, and Menopause.

FREE Ayurvedic Health Assessment


At Medhya, we have created a symptoms based Health Assessment tool to measure your current health state. This tool is based on Ayurvedic principles of Dosha Balance and Dhatu (body tissues) generation. You can take this FREE health assessment and receive a complete Ayurvedic analysis of your body tissues, your current health imbalances, and your Aging status.

Whether you are experiencing severe health symptoms or just mild discomfort, you will be able to understand the underlying causes and hence heal and nourish your body.