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Realised my dream of being a Mother

Rachel Brooks

I was diagnosed with diffuse Adenomyosis at the age of 33 after I could not conceive for 5 years. My gynecologist had told me that I could not get pregnant as Adenomyosis has become worse. I was in shock and depression as I had heard my dream of being a mother would never be fulfilled. It was very difficult for me to believe it and I could not take it that all my hopes were getting crushed in a second! This is when I started to learn about Adenomyosis and how I could improve my fertility. Luckily I came across Medhya Herbal's useful posts and I decided to contact them for treatment. Dr. Bansal and Nidhi were very kind and supportive to my efforts and desires. They charted a treatment plan for me and explained me exactly what I could do to make my uterus healthy for pregnancy.

Within 3 weeks of starting Ayurvedic treatment, I could feel huge reduction in my pain. My mood and stress levels started to improve and I started sleeping better too. My first period after starting the Ayurvedic medicines was soo much better, much less pain and clots were almost gone! This increased by hope and I added some more recommendations that Nidhi provided for yoga and diet. Slowly I started to experience regular and easy periods and relief from Adenomyosis symptoms. To my surprise, after 5 months of the treatment, I was also able to conceive! It was just a random test I did (with all my hopes tied to the back of the test strip) and there it was the magical sign that I could finally be a mother 🙂 I was still scared as I had heard about all the horror stories of Adenomosis miscarriages. But, I didn't need to be.

With Nidhi and Dr. Bansal's guidance I could keep myself in balance during pregnancy as well. Little Mia arrived after 39 weeks. Thank you Doctors for giving me hope and my little bundle of joy.

Periods become regular and cysts on the ovaries reduced


I had poly cystic ovarian syndrome for almost five years. I tried everything I could find on internet, visited many gynecologists and endocrinologists only to hear that "reduce weight, your PCOS will resolve and your periods will come on time". But losing weight was the biggest challenge. However much I tried, I could never keep up with any diet. All the tough exercises were making me tired and depressed. I had lost all hope, when I found about Ayurvedic treatment at Medhya Herbals. The Ayurvedic Doctors here were very helpful to explain me why my body was not responding despite all the efforts and they made a detailed health plan for me to follow consistently. While my periods become regular within a month, I also started to see my weight going down slowly but steadily. Now my skin is clear of all the monthly flareups and my hair is also starting to become longer 🙂

Thanks a lot Dr. Bansal. I am really grateful to God that by chance or any way, I came to you. I am still continuing to lose weight with the diet and exercise plan that you have prepared for me.

No more food cravings or skin problems


My weight has started to move down…and my skin feels much better. Now, I feel light, energetic, and motivated for physical activity. Before I used to suffer from constant hunger and craved for treats…but now I do not even think of food in between my meals…my appetite is regular…and food cravings are gone.

Conceived Naturally despite PCOS


I approached Dr. Bansal at Medhya Herbals for heavy periods and excess weight due to PCOS. He created my Ayurvedic treatment plan based on my health issues. After starting the PCOS treatment, my bleeding issue was resolved within 1 week. Slowly my periods became regular and also my weight started to come down. After about 7 months I was also able to conceive and gave birth to a healthy baby, a very pleasant surprise which I didn't even know I could have. Thank you Dr. Bansal and Medhya Herbals!

Finally Reversed Diabetes after 11 years of Metformin


I was taking medicines for Diabetes for last 11 years. But my health was becoming worse. I was constantly suffering from UTI, which wasn't going away. On the top, joint pain, tiredness, headaches and high BP were making it really difficult for me to carry on with my life. My Doctor was suggesting that I would need to take Insulin on daily basis on top of my medications. This really scared me and I decided to try Ayurvedic treatment for my difficult Diabetes issues.

After only 8 weeks of starting my Diabetes treatment with Ayurveda, I could bring my blood sugar levels back to normal. I also lost 8 Kg weight and my BP started showing normal reading. Dr. Bansal at Medhya Herbals not just provided me with right herbal medication but also guided me to improve my diet and lifestyle. I am now able to go for morning walks and practice yoga on daily basis. UTI hasn't happened since then! All of my cravings are gone and I find myself to be free of the Diabetes Cage.

Reverse Diabetes Post Menopause


Diabetes runs in my family on both sides. My parents and siblings are Diabetic and I couldn't escape it either. Like others in the family, I also started my Diabetes medication and had been taking it for the past 7 years. But, Menopause made my condition worse. I started to suffer from sleep problems, brain fog and was unable to recall names and simple things in and around myself. This affected my work but more so my level of confidence went down tremendously. My mental health was becoming worse and my body was not helping me at all. Frozen shoulder and stiffness in the knees were making it difficult for me to even walk. I felt sleepy and tired all the time. That's when I decided to give Ayurveda a try. One of my friend gave reference of Dr. Bansal and I consulted him for my health issues.

He took my pulse diagnosis and created Ayurvedic regimen for me to remove the toxins from my body that had given way to Diabetes. After 4 weeks of Ayurvedic treatment and changes in my diet and lifestyle, I was able to bring my blood sugar levels back to normal. Slowly my health issues also started to go away. I feel much more energetic and alert now. I am able to carry out yoga on daily basis and feel inspired to try new and challenging activities. My health transformation has also motivated my siblings to start treating their Diabetes in the right way.

Found Freedom from Joint Pain


I was suffering from severe pain in my knees and back for many years. It restricted my movement as I always had to look for a support even to carry out my daily tasks. I couldn't visit anybody or travel anywhere. It made me miserable. I had tried many medicines to help my condition, but my pain was increasing day by day.

When I came to know about Ayurvedic treatment for joint pain at Medhya Herbals, I was more than keen to try my luck once more. Dr. Bansal's approach was very different. He helped me to understand how I could relieve the pain in my knees with simple changes in my diet and lifestyle. He prescribed Ayurvedic herbal medicines and suggested yoga routine that healed my knees and back. Now, I am free from pain, able to move freely and know how to take care of my joints and bones.

Conceived after 4 years & Healed Endometriosis Stage 3

Isabelle Parker

I got to know that I had Endometriosis stage 3 when I was not able to conceive after 4 years of trying. My fallopian tubes were blocked and I suffered from severe period cramps every time. After trying many medicines, I still couldn't see any changes in my health problems. In fact, my pain and period problems were becoming worse. When I got to know about Medhya Herbal's Ayurvedic Treatment for Endometriosis, I decided to give it a try and hoped for pregnancy. Dr. Bansal and Medhya's health team helped me to make healthier choices of diet and lifestyle along with Ayurvedic medications. I learnt to track my menstrual cycle too. After my body stabilised, I was ready to try pregnancy once more. And this time it happened naturally! I am amazed to see the power of Ayurvedic regimen in supporting fertility and preparing a woman's body towards pregnancy.

Found Relief from Low Thyroid & Menopause Symptoms

Madhu Gopi Raman

My thyroid problems started with Menopause. Heavy Bleeding and Extreme Fatigue were taking a toll on my physical and mental health. My hair were falling so much that I felt I was going to get bald. On the top of it, I had to go through Cataract surgery due to fogginess in my eyes. I wasn't sure what was happening to me. All those women I knew didn't have these symptoms that I was experiencing. This scared me so much that I was almost in depression. Dr. Bansal at Medhya Herbals recommended tests and also provided a detailed assessment based on my pulse analysis. I was diagnosed with under active thyroid. He provided me with Ayurvedic medicines, diet and daily routine advise that helped me a lot. After over 4 months of Ayurvedic treatment, I was able to solve almost all of my health issues. My test reports also came in normal. Ayurvedic treatment for thyroid has helped me to see and live my life in new light. I feel so much better and hopeful to enjoy this phase of life.

Finally Stopped Heavy Menstrual Bleeding

Usha Karnati

I was struggling with heavy bleeding, fibroids and cysts. Before starting the treatment, I was scared to go to the bathroom to see clots and blood flow on a daily basis.

I am relieved to see that within 3 weeks of starting the Ayurvedic Treatment, there is no bleeding and allied pains & stress. Now I am hopeful that the uterine fibroids will eventually dissolve and I wouldn't need to go for hysterectomy.

PCOS Weight Loss & Hormone Balance

Pooja Barochiya

Practical: Best part of the regime is it’s practicality. Diet plan is based on commonly available Ingredients [ I nick named it “no Instagram diet”],changes in life style is practical and use of any supplements or medicine is next to nil.

Coach not consultant: When I took upon this plan, like any other plan, I assumed there would be a consultant to guide me for weight loss. However, Nidhi is not consultant but a health coach who has genuine interest in betterment of my longtime health and weight loss is just one part of it. With periodic calls, frequent tuning of regime based of progress and common sensical approach really helped me to make permanent changes in my lifestyle to attain lifetime benefits.

Effective: Regime simply works and achieves results. My overall health has improved, hormones are more balanced, sleep quality is much better and definitely has seen sustained natural weight loss without extreme dieting or very heavy exercise.

Shruti Patel

Ayurvedic Detox and Weight loss Challenge was super helpful to me to detox without making drastic changes in my busy life. I feel much more calm and relaxed. My energy levels and digestion have improved a lot. While, I couldn’t follow the programme 100%, yet there is significant improvement in my health with only few diet & lifestyle changes that I incorporated.

Healed Ulcerative Colitis

Dilip Mehta

I am sharing my experience herewith regarding my health after taking ayurvedic treatment as per Nidhi's instructions since last 4 months.
During September I was suffering of bleeding with stool, I was later diagnosed with ulcerative colitis stage 3. I was taking prescribed medicine but I was feeling increasingly uncomfortable with frequent pains, constipation ans sleeplessness even after taking the medications. That is when i started your Ayurveda treatment over and above Allopathy medicines.
I was suggested a schedule of total daytime food and I am following that since 3-4 months. It was very easy to follow by just replacing regular food with correct alternatives. And following better routine. After that i have no complain of stomach pain, constipation or sleeplessness which were before the Ayurveda treatment was started.Now I am feeling completely comfortable and happy.

Thanking you for your help Nidhi.


The practitioners were wonderful listeners. They developed an easy-to-follow program. I highly recommend Medhya Herbals.

Reversed Thyroid & Gave Birth to Baby Girl


I was on the heavier side since childhood. At 19, I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism as I was unable to lose weight and my periods were extremely painful. However, I didn't want to take the thyroid hormones, so I continued as such with some changes in my diet and lifestyle. After marriage, I was unable to conceive even after trying for 2 years. That's when I decided to go for Ayurveda. Dr. Bansal at Medhya Herbals helped me to regulate my thyroid and hormone balance with herbal medicines, diet and exercise plan. After starting the Thyroid treatment, my health issues started to resolve. Slowly my periods became regular and also my weight started to come down. This encouraged me to keep up. After 6 months, I was also able to conceive naturally and deliver a healthy baby girl with full term pregnancy. With Ayurvedic treatment, I could avoid the medications and their side effects and also achieve better health for myself and my family members.

Divyendu Tripathy

I have lost more than 18 Kg in the past 1 year and have moved away from the danger zone of obesity. Now, I am in the healthy BMI range. My sleep and digestion has improved a lot, gone are the days of difficulty in sleeping, snoring, feeling heavy and bloated. I feel in control of my body now and I am more aware of the changes happening inside due to my diet, sleep, and lifestyle. Ayurvedic treatment with Dr. Bansal at Medhya Herbals and the Diet Exercise plan I received helped me to improve my lifestyle easily despite being super busy at work and with young kids. I am able to perform and focus better at work and also be there for my family. Thank you Medhya Herbals for making it possible for me.

Reversed PCOS & Got Pregnant Naturally

Shiwani Shastri

​I had tried many ways and even took hormonal therapy for Irregular and Painful periods as a result of my PCOS. However, I didn't want to take pills anymore as we wanted to start our family. But my periods didn't come and my acne and weight problems started getting worse when I stopped the pills. That's when I approached Dr. Bansal at Medhya Herbals. It was not easy but for the sweet rewards and to get rid of the painful PCOS Symptoms, I carried on! After over 9 months of Ayurvedic treatment, I was able to solve almost all of my health issues and conceive naturally. Ayurvedic treatment has improved my health even beyond where I started from. The diet & lifestyle changes I made have helped to be make better choices for my baby too.

Found Relief from Menopause Heavy Bleeding

Sarah Breuer

For The last couple of years I have experienced extreme painful and heavy bleeding every month, to the extent that I was always afraid that this time I won't be able to escape the hospital and will need to have an emergency hysterectomy. I would also have spotting between my cycles. As a result I became anemic, fatigued, and generally run down. It literally disrupted my life, and I could wait no longer to do something about it.
So, I turned to Dr. Bansal and Nidhi for help. Thank G-d I did. With their wisdom, care, and non relenting support, I soon saw unbelievable results. In just two months of being on the program, my menstrual cycle completely ended, and I entered menopause. Menopause brought a couple of new symptoms, like severe hot flashes, sweats, and disturbed sleep, but with the Medhya team on board I was ridded from all of these symptoms in just a couple of weeks. I am now feeling great, full of energy, and enjoy life.
Following the program requires total determination and dedication, but it is well worth the price. You get to live a life of quality!
Thank You Dr. Bansal and Nidhi

Massive Relief from Autoimmune Conditions


I was diagnosed with Psoriatic Arthritis at a very young age. Not really knowing what to do, I had opted for allopathic treatment that involved strong steroids and multiple medicines to control the flare ups. As time went by, my condition kept becoming worse. My medicines weren't working anymore and I was also seeing symptoms of hair loss and constant fatigue. When I started to look for natural treatment options, I came across Medhya Herbals' Ayurvedic treatment for my symptoms. Dr. Bansal assessed my symptoms and advised on Ayurvedic natural protocol to heal my joints.

I have been following treatment with Medhya Herbals for past 7 months now and have seen massive improvement in my overall health. My hair is growing back, there is no pain or fatigue and I am able to move much more confidently. My skin is also healing with the gentle approach of Ayurveda and I am sure to reverse my condition very soon. Thank you Dr. Bansal.

Great Improvement in Health + Weight loss


The detox course really helped. I lost few kgs, but more importantly it helped to cleanse the toxins. Nidhi is an amazing knowledge repository and is patiently willing to advise on any queries or concerns. Glad to be associated with her!


I couldn’t eat food without the fear of acidity and discomfort in my belly, poor digestion and my health issues were becoming a routine. Ayurvedic treatment from Dr. Bansal at Medhya Herbals helped me to simplify my diet and lifestyle and heal inside out. Weight loss became a part of my transformation. I feel energetic and healthy, but what makes me happy is that my problems related to digestion have disappeared. I am so glad that I found Medhya Herbals. Before this, I had given a try to several other diets and treatments for my health issues but nothing worked and some even made my health worse. Highly recommend the personalised care and treatment that I received at Medhya thank you 🙂

Meenakshi Dhingra

Great focus on natural therapies to cure permanently and develop positive lifestyle changes. Nidhi and the team are amazing at customizing the plan to one's needs and make sure it is effective. Thanks Medhya!

Svetlana Afanasiev

I have been a patient of Nidhi and Dr.Bansal for a month. Their advices on herbal medicines, food and life style are very detailed and easy to follow. Nidhi is very responsive on all requests and questions and always share a lot of useful information. I am still at the beginning of my treatment but feel very positive and hopeful working with such knowledgeable and nice people.

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