Beat the Toughest Belly Fat and Lose Weight Naturally

A step-by-step guide with Highly Effective Ayurvedic Weight loss Tips to Burn Stubborn Belly Fat 

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Weight loss


Dig deeper into the best diet, lifestyle and Ayurvedic health tips to begin your weight loss journey today. Learn about the do's and don'ts to make your weight loss sustainable and successful.

Are you eating healthy but your weight isn’t going down? Have you been doing intermittent fasting for long, yet it hasn’t gotten

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Protein shakes and meal replacement with protein powder breakfast smoothies is one of the go to option these days! Whether it is

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Yes, losing weight can be healthy. But if it is not done right, weight loss can backfire. There are serious side effects

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You’ve monitored your diet so much, counted calories, exercised and done everything possible. Yet the weight doesn’t seem to move down. It

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Make weight loss a Healing journey for your Body and Mind with the Natural and Holistic principles of the Ayurvedic Nutrition. The Ayurvedic FAT BURN health programme plan gives you the exact tools in the form of right foods, herbs, diet and lifestyle habits that will help you to confidently fight off the food cravings and balance your hunger levels.

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  • Weekly Meal & Exercise Plans
  • Exercise and Yoga Videos
  • Food Lists, Recipes, Diet Chart
  • 24 Hour Access to Your Coach

Ayurvedic detox


Reset your digestive system and boost your metabolism with Ayurvedic detox principle. Get rid of wasteful toxins "Ama" and support the functioning of your liver, kidneys and natural detox systems with Ayurveda.

What should I eat for fatty liver diet? Which foods are the best and which foods should I completely avoid? Or Whether

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Intermittent Fasting for Weight Loss is one of the most effective ways to beat the metabolic dysfunction in Diabetes, PCOS and Hypothyroidism.

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Yes, you can reverse fatty liver with Ayurveda! You can undo the damage to the most advanced and largest organ of your

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According to Ayurveda, toxin overload or “Ama” in our body is the primary disease causing factor! In fact, a detailed look into

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