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Heal and Nourish your Body and Mind with Ayurveda

Check your Health Symptoms and Get Diet & Lifestyle Tips

Ayurveda provides us guidelines to attain Balance, Heal, and Thrive at every age and phase of life. Ayurvedic principles emphasize on the fact that every individual is unique in their physical and mental composition. And, hence one solution doesn’t fit all! At Medhya Herbals, we have adopted this unique approach of Ayurveda.

Each of Medhya’s Health Solutions are personalized to fit your needs. Our Health and Meal Plans, Ayurvedic Treatment, and Online Courses assist you in identifying the root cause of your Health Symptoms. We don’t just provide you with health solutions but also train you to learn the language of your body. Medhya’s health solutions guide you to be in control of your health with the foods that are available in your kitchen and with lifestyle actions that you can take on daily basis.

My Ayurvedic Health Plan

A Personalized Solution to Health and Hormone Balance

Ayurvedic Health Plan is Medhya’s unique and comprehensive health plan that is based on solid and time-tested principles of Ayurvedic Dietetics and Yogic Science. It is an all natural holistic approach to attain balance, to perform, and to heal.

Receive step-by-step guidance to make right choices of food, lifestyle, and physical fitness regime that balance your hormones and support your health and nutritional needs.

Tap on your body’s natural intelligence to HEAL and THRIVE

How Does the Ayurvedic Health Plan work?

A Systematic Approach to Nutritional Sufficiency, Health, and Hormone Balance

  • Identify the causes to your Health Problems
    Your Ayurvedic Health Assessment provides a detailed analysis of the quality of your body tissues, your health imbalances, and your Aging status. Reflect upon your Symptoms through the lens of Ayurveda!
  • Access your Personalised Health Plan
    Get PERSONALISED, step-by-step recommendations to achieve optimal health in a natural and holistic way. Access Ayurvedic Recipes, Yoga and Exercise routines, and guidelines for herbs that match with your needs.
  • Unlock your path to Health
    Address the Underlying Causes. Heal and Nourish your body. Restore your Inner Balance and ride through Hormonal Changes, free from Symptoms and Disease.

Listen to your Health Symptoms

Check your Health Symptoms with the Ayurvedic assessment tools created by Medhya Experts. Take the health quiz to get details on your Imbalances and receive step-by-step guidance to recover and heal.

Ayurvedic Health Quiz
Check your Health Symptoms and Hormone Imbalances. Ideal for women and girls below 40 years.
Check your health at Peri-Menopause and Menopause. Ideal for women in 40s and beyond.
Bone Health Quiz
Check the health of your bones and joints. Ideal for women in all age groups.


Medhya Herbals Testimonials
Medhya Herbals Testimonials
Medhya Herbals Testimonials
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Medhya Herbals Testimonials
Medhya Herbals Testimonials
Medhya Herbals Testimonials
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Hormone Balance Medhya Herbals Testimonials
Medhya Herbals Testimonials Hormone Balance
Medhya Herbals Testimonials


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