Experience the Gift of Health with Ayurvedic Treatment

Treat Your Health Symptoms at the Root Cause. Consult with Medhya Ayurvedic Experts to Regain Health in an all Natural & Holistic way.

Achieve Optimal Health to be There for What You Love & for Your Loved Ones

100% Natural & holistic Healing

Build your health from inside out with All Natural Holistic practices of Ayurvedic Medicine. Get off the pills and quick fix patchwork solutions with the support of a Healing Diet & Lifestyle.

Personalised ayurvedic treatment

Eliminate your specific health symptoms at the root cause with expert guidance from Medhya Herbals. Get on 1:1 consultation with Medhya's Ayurvedic practitioners to draft a healing health program that suits your needs & lifestyle.

rebuild health for lasting results

Heal your Body & Mind with Ayurvedic medicine, a nourishing diet and a healing lifestyle. Naturally gain strength in your body, keep your nutrient levels umpteen and build your immunity to prevent and fight off disease causing factors.


Find which hormones are causing your health symptoms. Take 2 Mins Quiz to check your Hormone Balance.

The Proven 3-Step path to treat the root cause of Your health symptoms



Identify the root cause of your health symptoms with 1:1 Support from Medhya's Health Experts.



Reset & Rebuild your health with a Nourishing Diet, Ayurvedic herbs, Yoga and a Healing lifestyle.



Nurture your Body & Mind. Follow your personalised Diet & Exercise plan to gain Strength & Vitality.

In Their Own Words: Reviews from those who Believed & Healed with Ayurveda

My weight has started to move down...and my skin feels much better. Now, I feel light, energetic, and motivated for physical activity. Before I started Medhya Herbals Ayurvedic Program, I used to suffer from constant hunger and craved for treats...but now I do not even think of food in between my meals...my appetite is regular...and food cravings are gone.

Nitika Garg

I have lost more than 18 Kg in the past 1 year. Gone are the days of difficulty in sleeping, snoring, feeling heavy and bloated. I feel in control of my body now and I am more aware of the changes happening inside due to my diet, sleep, and lifestyle. Ayurvedic treatment with Dr. Pawan Bansal at Medhya Herbals helped me to improve my lifestyle easily despite being super busy at work and with young kids.

Div Tripathy

Best part of the Health Plan is it’s practicality. The Diet plan I received is based on easily available Ingredients. Use of any supplements or medicine is next to nil. Nidhi is a Health Coach, who has genuine interest in betterment of my longtime health. With regular calls, Nidhi frequently tuned my health regime based on my progress. This really helped me to make permanent changes in my lifestyle to attain lifetime benefits.

Pooja Barochiya

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