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A lot of the health issues faced by women and girls are unique only to females. We go through multiple levels of transitions in our body that are induced by hormonal changes. Our health and hormone balance becomes fragile during these shifts. We are prone to Health and Hormonal Imbalances, which manifest as Health Issues such as PMS, Irregular Periods, Skin Breakouts, Weight Gain, Joint Pain, Fatigue, Insomnia, Mood Swings, and Digestive Issues.

 If left unchecked, these seemingly benign imbalances can develop into chronic health conditions such as Infertility, Fibroids, Weight Gain, PCOS, Hypothyroidism, Diabetes, Hypertension, Poor Bone Density, and Mental Health Issues. Given below is a timeline of the Hormonal Changes that occur in women with age and with different Phases of Life. 

Hormonal Changes in Women with Age

Below 8 years, Childhood
Low level Hormonal Changes
Health Issues are common to boys and girls as sex hormones are not yet involved. However, if a child has existing Imbalances, it poorly affects her health during puberty and timing of puberty.
8 years - 13 years, Puberty
Big Hormonal Changes
Her body adjusts to surge of Hormones, which direct physical and mental changes. Health Imbalances appear as underdevelopment, overgrowth, pain, or inflammation in sexual organs and breasts, extreme weight change, or poor Immunity.
12 years - 14 years, Menstruation starts - Menarche
Start of the Cyclical Change in Hormone levels during a month.
Monthly hormone cycle begins and her body adjusts to menstruation. Slowly periods become regular. Monthly hormonal cycle continues till Menopause. Health Imbalances appear as absence of menstruation, highly irregular periods, extreme PMS, or heavy bleeding.
14 years - 18 years, Teen Years
Her body adjusts to Big Hormonal Changes of Puberty
Slowly the big wave of Hormonal surge at Puberty goes down. Her body also adjusts to the monthly cycle of Hormonal play. Health Imbalances may be reflected in menstrual disturbances, cysts, skin breakouts, weight change, PMS, Mental Imbalances.
Big Hormonal Changes
A woman goes through big hormonal shifts during pregnancy. If she has existing Imbalances, they often get aggravated in pregnancy due to the hormonal shifts. Some common issues are Gestational Diabetes and Hypothyroidism.
Postnatal Phase
Big Hormonal Changes go down
Big hormonal shifts of pregnancy subside down during postnatal phase. Some pregnancy complications may go away. Health Imbalances appear as Joint Pain, Hypothyroidism, Diabetes, Weight Gain, Edema, Skin and Hair problems, Heavy periods, PMS.
Above 40 years, Perimenopause
Hormone levels begin to fluctuate
Her body starts to prepare for upcoming Menopause. She goes through big hormonal shifts on top of the monthly menstrual cycle. Health Imbalances appear as Menopause Symptoms.
48 years - 53 years, Menopause
End of Cyclical Change in Hormone levels during a month
Monthly menstrual cycle and hormonal changes stop at Menopause. However, a woman goes through significant hormonal changes to arrive here. Health Imbalances appear as Menopause Symptoms.
Above 55 years, Post Menopause
Her Body adjusts to Hormonal Changes of Menopause
A woman needs ample of Nutrition and Mental Balance during the early years after Menopause to help her adjust to the Hormonal changes. Health Imbalances appear as Menopause Symptoms.
Above 65 years, Seniors
Low level Hormonal Changes
She is past hormonal changes at this point. However her body needs adequate Nutrition and Care to prevent old age health disorders. Health Imbalances appear as weak bones, heart problems, weight gain, skin and hair problems, Diabetes.

Restore your Health and Hormone Balance in an All Natural Holistic Way

Our body is a marvel of biochemical engineering by nature! But to function well, our system needs Nourishment, Care, and Love. At every stage of Imbalances, our body gives ample warning signs. Our Health symptoms are an indication that our body is not able to cope up with the internal changes and the external stresses due to faulty foods and lifestyle.

Ayurveda provides us guidelines to attain Balance, Heal, and Thrive at every age and phase of life. Ayurvedic principles emphasize on the fact that every individual is unique in their physical and mental composition. And, hence one solution doesn’t fit all! At Medhya Herbals, we have adopted this unique approach of Ayurvedic medicine. With Medhya’s Ayurvedic Health Plan, we provide you with the right tools, treatment, and resources to Identify and Cure your specific Health and Hormone Imbalances.

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A Personalized Solution to Health and Hormone Balance

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