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Women's Health Conditions that Medhya Herbals can Help You to Heal with Ayurveda

In Their Own Words: Reviews from those who Believed & Healed with Ayurveda

Maria Gonzalez


The constant bloating, abdominal pain, and digestive issues left me feeling frustrated and helpless. I tried several treatments, but nothing seemed to work. That's when I came across Ayurvedic treatment for SIBO at Medhya Herbals.

Dr. Bansal was knowledgeable and experienced in Ayurvedic medicine. He listened carefully to my symptoms and provided me with a personalized treatment plan. The Ayurvedic diet and supplements helped to alleviate the bloating and abdominal pain.

As I continued with the treatment, I noticed a significant improvement in my symptoms. The bloating and abdominal pain were no longer an issue, and I felt more energetic and focused. The natural and holistic approach of Ayurvedic medicine was a game-changer for me.

I highly recommend Ayurvedic treatment at Medhya Herbals by Dr. Bansal to anyone struggling with SIBO or any other digestive problem. Don't suffer in silence like I did for years. The expertise and personalized approach of Dr. Bansal in Ayurvedic medicine can help you overcome SIBO and improve your quality of life. Thank you, Dr. Bansal, for helping me find a solution to my SIBO struggles.

Shannon Ann W.


I had fatty liver diagnosis and multiple fibroids with the largest being 4 cm. All of this was giving me so much pain..in the belly, uterus, pelvis and legs..that I didn't know how to carry on with my normal life. On top of this, my periods were going on forever..heavy bleeding and large clots scared me and I was struggling with low Iron and anxiety attacks.

Life wasn't easy and I had started to believe that this is how it is going to be...but that's when I saw videos from Medhya Herbals on youtube. It gave me hope that I will be able to get better. And now after 6 months of the treatment..I am soo happy to share that I have seen a version of myself that I could never imagine. 

With Ayurvedic holistic healing and the support from Dr. Bansal at Medhya Herbals, I have been able to overcome the biggest part of my health problems...I am able to get back to work and be there for my family (and not be dependent on them). Above all, I am now happy deep inside me.

Rachel R.


Endometriosis had been ruling my life for years. The pain was unbearable, and it was affecting every aspect of my life. But then I found Ayurvedic treatment for endometriosis Medhya Herbals, and everything changed. Dr. Bansal took the time to listen to my concerns and made a personalized treatment plan for me. He gave me gentle remedies that didn't have any side effects and helped me manage my pain. The best part was that his treatment plan was tailored to my unique needs, unlike the one-size-fits-all approach I had experienced with other doctors.

Within a few weeks of starting my Ayurvedic treatment, I began to feel like myself again. The pain was subsiding, and I felt more like I was in control of my body. It was incredible to see the difference that these natural remedies could make. Now, months later, I can honestly say that I have healed from endometriosis. I no longer suffer from the debilitating pain, and I have more energy than I have had in years. Medhya Herbals has given me my life back, and I am forever grateful.

If you're struggling with endometriosis, I encourage you to consider Ayurvedic treatment. Dr. Bansal and Medhya Herbals will take care of you and give you the personalized care you need to heal. Don't give up hope, there is a way forward.

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Success Stories and Healing Journeys

I had poly cystic ovarian syndrome for almost five years. I tried everything I could find on internet, visited many gynecologists and endocrinologists only to hear that "reduce weight, your PCOS will resolve and your periods will come on time". But losing weight was the biggest challenge. However much I tried, I could never keep up with any diet. All the tough exercises were making me tired and depressed. I had lost all hope, when I found about Ayurvedic treatment at Medhya Herbals. The Ayurvedic Doctors here were very helpful to explain me why my body was not responding despite all the efforts and they made a detailed health plan for me to follow consistently. While my periods become regular within a month, I also started to see my weight going down slowly but steadily. Now my skin is clear of all the monthly flareups and my hair is also starting to become longer :)

Thanks a lot Dr. Bansal. I am really grateful to God that by chance or any way, I came to you. I am still continuing to lose weight with the diet and exercise plan that you have prepared for me.

Anie (United Kingdom)

I was taking medicines for Diabetes for last 11 years. But my health was becoming worse. I was constantly suffering from UTI, which wasn't going away. On the top, joint pain, tiredness, headaches and high BP were making it really difficult for me to carry on with my life. My Doctor was suggesting that I would need to take Insulin on daily basis on top of my medications. This really scared me and I decided to try Ayurvedic treatment for my difficult Diabetes issues.

After only 8 weeks of starting my Diabetes treatment with Ayurveda, I could bring my blood sugar levels back to normal. I also lost 8 Kg weight and my BP started showing normal reading. Dr. Bansal at Medhya Herbals not just provided me with right herbal medication but also guided me to improve my diet and lifestyle. I am now able to go for morning walks and practice yoga on daily basis. UTI hasn't happened since then! All of my cravings are gone and I find myself to be free of the Diabetes Cage.

Trishu (India)

I was diagnosed with diffuse Adenomyosis at the age of 33 after I could not conceive for 5 years. My gynecologist had told me that I could not get pregnant as Adenomyosis has become worse. I was in shock and depression as I had heard my dream of being a mother would never be fulfilled. It was very difficult for me to believe it and I could not take it that all my hopes were getting crushed in a second! This is when I started to learn about Adenomyosis and how I could improve my fertility. Luckily I came across Medhya Herbal's useful posts and I decided to contact them for treatment. Dr. Bansal charted a treatment plan for me and explained me exactly what I could do to make my uterus healthy for pregnancy.

Within 3 weeks of starting Ayurvedic treatment, I could feel huge reduction in my pain. My mood and stress levels started to improve and I started sleeping better too. My first period after starting the Ayurvedic medicines was soo much better, much less pain and clots were almost gone! This increased by hope. Slowly I started to experience regular and easy periods and relief from Adenomyosis symptoms. To my surprise, after 5 months of the treatment, I was also able to conceive! It was just a random test I did (with all my hopes tied to the back of the test strip) and there it was the magical sign that I could finally be a mother :)

Rachel (Australia)


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