9 Natural (Ayurvedic) Remedies and Herbs for PMS, Period Cramps and Mood Swings

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Ayurvedic Treatment for Endometriosis | 10 Herbs and Natural Remedies

Ayurvedic treatment for endometriosis involves a holistic approach to establish hormone balance, support fertility, and measures to relieve severe pain. Ayurveda helps to improve the overall health of the patient.

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Menstruation follows a regular monthly cycle for females and girls that have entered Menarche. It involves a synchronised play of multiple hormones and body systems, and it is a vital

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Menarche is the beginning of the menstruation or first time vaginal bleeding for adolescent girls. It is the beginning of the fertile window in the lifecycle of females. It is

Heavy Periods Diet and Lifestyle Tips – Ayurvedic Self-Care

Did you know that more than 75,000 hysterectomies (removal of uterus) are carried out every year. Out of these surgeries, nearly 30 % are mandated by the menstrual cycle disturbances.

The menstrual cycle is a necessary peril for female health. It brings a monthly change in her body that is often accompanied by discomforts such as pain, cramps, headaches, bloating,